Banana Jones Slots

Given the reality of how long players from the US of A were mostly kept out of online casino slot games, it should come as a huge relief that software developers such as Real Time Gaming considers this a thing of the past. Their latest 5 reel video slot, Banana Jones Slots, is graciously available to US gamers; it is presented in a lush, verdant green foreground that’s rife with terran fauna and flora.

Despite how cool all of this may seem to you, the single thing you must pay attention to is the sheer amount of cash that’s available in the jackpot: a jaw-dropping $60,000! It’s a rather unconventional jackpot, admittedly, in that the money is actually available through an assortment of game attributes - Wild symbols, Scatters, Multipliers and Bonus Games. This oh so important bonus game is called the Treasure Wheel Feature, and it is definitely capable of delivering the goods.

The primary bonus symbols include a Green Leaf, a Monkey, the Banana Jones game symbol and an assortment of Tropical Fruits. Some of the eminently recognizable animals on the reels include a Toucan, Parrot, and Hippo. A particular combination of these - the Tropical Fruit is the Scatter - can deliver multipliers as small as 2x or as large as 4x - with an option to retrigger during the bonus game. In fact, here’s the symbol value breakdown:

Another bonus to playing Banana Jones Slots is the fact that the symbol combinations pay in any direction - thus, it is officially known as an All Ways Pay type of video slot. The tremendous $60,000 top payout that’s available derives entirely from reel-related combinations, since there are no free spins, extra games or bonus sessions in the game. The single extra special feature is a sort of boost that the game can give you: any win you accumulate will be multiplied by the total bet (usually, in most slots, only Scatter wins are multiplied thusly). The free version is easy to access; to hav a shot at cash and prizes, though, you must download the casino software and launch Banana Jones Slot - take a wild ride through the digital jungle.

The scatter symbol in Banana Jones Slots, as mentioned, is the Tropical Fruits. Similarly to other Real Time Gaming Slots, all wins which involve the scatter are multiplied by your total bet. Additionally, if you get five Tropical Fruits on the board your reward is 25 coins. If you get for Tropical Fruit symbols in your reward is 10 coins. For three scatter symbols you get five coins, for two scatters you get two coins and for one Tropical Fruit scatter symbol you receive a single coin. Concerning the Green Leaf wild symbol, it will replace any other symbol and shows up on the second and fourth reels to help you complete a winning pay line. The Green Leaf will not replace the scattered Tropical Fruit, however. Hold onto your jungle canvas hat, for there are a multitude of paying symbols on the reels. The banana, pineapple, and during in fruit – as well as cantaloupe – all constitute the highest paying symbol separately. For five of a kind, these foods deliver a 500 coin win; for four of a kind these fruits delivery 100 coin win and for three of a kind they get you 20 coins. It's also possible to quadruple your winnings with a 4X multiplier symbol. Next we have what looks like either a turkey or a buzzard; five of a kind of this symbol on the reels get you 400 coins, four of a kind get you 100 coins, and three of a kind get you 20 coins – there's another 2X multiplier in store for you, to.

The red toucan bird also pays out nicely if you get the right collection on the reels; five of a kind get you 250 coins, four of a kind get you 75 coins, and three of a kind get you 15 coins. There's a green mass of moss symbols; five of a kind of this one get you 125 coins, four of a kind get you 50 coins, and three of a kind get you 10 coins.

Finally we reached the low paying symbols – which are traditionally the poker card suits. When it comes to Ace, five of a kind get you 100 coins, four of a kind get you 50 coins, and three Ace poker suits get you five coins. The king symbol can also be rewarding; five of a kind get you 100 coins, four of a kind get you 25 coins, and three of a kind get you five coins. The Queen is of course less than the King; five coins symbols get you 75 coins, four coins get you 15 coins, and three Queen symbols get you two coins. Lastly there's a court jester – represented by the Joker symbol. Five Jokers get you 75 coins, four Jokers get you 15 coins, and three Jokers get you two coins. As you can see, Banana Jones Slots is potentially lucrative; it's just one of the many reasons to play this and many other heart pounding video slots at your favorite online casino.