Cherry Red Slots

Cherry Red is a Microgaming Classic slot that has just 3 reels and one payline; but that has nothing to do with just how much fun it is, and how much cash you can win. In fact, despite its small size, which tends to limit the number of different possible ways you can win, this slot has a multiplier and a wild symbol to increase your chances nonetheless. It's a refreshingly simple slot with cherries and other symbols to be revealed below, and is a throwback to the days of the old fruit symbol slot machines popularized by the land-based analog machines.

The symbols include the famous red cherries, lucky sevens, gold bells and gold bars. If you could view the demographics of online gamers, you'd notice that quite a lot of expert slot players gravitate towards the Classic fruit machines. That tells you that these ones have got something that the larger variants do not, and playing one tonight is a good bet for the avid gamer. The fixed jackpot of 1600 coins can be as much money as you're willing to risk when you place down your starting bet at the beginning of the game; the coin denominations run according to the particular online casino. $0.25 is a good bet, though, unless you've got deep pockets and want to go for the gold.

As expected, the red cherry symbol is the most important one. A two coin bet is all it takes to walk away smiling; assuming you win the jackpot that is. As the wild symbol, it replaces the other ones - including the bells, lucky sevens and even gold bullion bars when you haven't got enough to make a winning payline. Hold on to your hats, though, because the power of the red cherries have only just begun. It also provides multipliers to enhance the wins that the wild symbol brings in. Winning combos are met with, for example, a 2x multiplier when just one red cherry crops up, and a 4x multiplier when 2 cherries make their way on to the reels. But these are not the only possible winners…

The three lucky seven symbols also offer a pretty good amount: 200 credits for a two coin bet at the beginning of the round. Getting a single bell to show up means you can corral 4 credits, so even this small amount makes it a worthwhile slot to play. All of this takes place within a simple but colorful background that enhances the gameplay. The reels are awash in vibrant reds, purples, yellows and golds for your enjoyment. If you are at all familiar with Microgaming as an online software company specializing in the making of casino games, then you know to expect the best.

Whether they are putting out Classic slots or 5 reel video slot, you can find exceptional gameplay in each of their creations. Download this today to play for real cash money. If you just want to give it a spin without a monetary commitment, then you can do that, too, using the Flash version. As you well know, however, you can't win if you do not play using deposited cash, so decide wisely - it would be a shame to miss out on a row of three scatter symbol wins and that 1600 coin jackpot. Cherry Red slots is open as of right now.