Crazy Vegas Slots

Crazy Vegas Slots is in possession of 5 reels and 20 paylines, and should attract just about any casino gamer to its lobby because it borrows the name of the greatest gambling spot on the planet. It will create the atmosphere of the Island in the Desert of Nevada quite well, and provide you with free spins for prolonged gaming, a random jackpot and even a bonus game for more chances at picking up some extra cash. Although this jackpot can appear at any time during regular gameplay, it still allows you to win other cash prizes - the jackpot is, essentially, a bonus!

Would you like to know what the symbols are on the reels of Crazy Vegas Slots? It is, overall, a game that will fill you with anticipation, as the zany animated characters and symbols enliven the screen with their shenanigans. Excitement will take over as the higher paying symbols line up on the board and deliver cool wins. One of the most important of these symbols is the Crazy Vegas sign Wild symbol, which is well known for replacing all other symbols to help the player complete a winning payline for the payout or prize. In fact, usually the Wild cannot replace a Scatter symbol; but in this slot, the Crazy Vegas sign functions as BOTH, which really gets the game going.

The high paying symbols are the Elvis icon and the Pink Lady caricature. There's a strange-looking emblem in the Black Top Hat man, too, so keep an eye on his machinations. If he shows up five times, get ready to be happy with the exorbitant payout that's coming your way. There are bushels of gold coins and bills that are guaranteed to improve the financial aspects of your life if you get lucky enough to have the right symbols show up, and do so in the right quantities. The poker symbols are also there, but they are lower paying symbols. Still a good catch, though.

Getting in-depth with some of the other game attributes, the free spins come in a surprise show on the big screen, where the colors red, green and blue flash upon every win. The red dice symbols are beneficial, as are the roulette table, AJ Card King symbol and others. Your best bet is to try all the paylines when you play, instead of restricting your chances by just betting on a few. To save money on the front end, just limit the coin size per line. Real Time Gaming never fails to deliver when it comes to video slots, and Crazy Vegas is no exception.

Although the Crazy Vegas Symbol serves as both the Wild and the Scatter, there are symbols it cannot replace when it expands to complete a winning payline: these are the Big Bonus symbols and the free spins when they appear. Crazy Vegas pays out some cash when at least three of them show up, for reference. To track your winnings, monitor reels 2, 3, and 4 because these are where the free spins symbol chip land on, and they activate a round of free spins bonus when it happens.

Lastly, we take a look-see at the Crazy Vegas Big Bonus Game, which is activated when the two Big bonus symbols show up on the 1st and the 5th reels. A brand new screen replaces the current one when this happens, a concentric series of rings will contain multipliers and a central start button to begin the game when clicked. There's a mini light show once you begin, and the rings start spinning at a frenetic pace in polar opposite directions (there's an inner ring and an outer ring). It's reminiscent of Wheel of Fortune, actually. Once the spinning ceases, you get your multiplied prize. Crazy Vegas Slot is a must-play from RTG - download the software today and see how lucky you can get.