Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

Time travel isn’t a new slot theme. However, Cubee The Travel Adventure is not strictly a slot game. There are similarities here, but we think it holds enough promise to win over plenty of slot players looking for something different to play. With monsters, enemies, and different times to visit, Cubee is all set to take you on a memorable journey.

Does the game offer reels and paylines?

No, you will instead see eight symbols popping out of the vortex on your screen. There are four monsters that can appear, along with blue balls of energy to strengthen Cubee’s power, and assorted weapons that will strike his enemy, Rocco. The weapons shown vary according to the time you are in.

Selecting your coins

Start with just 0.10 per go and ramp up to 50.00 at most. Choose wisely because game progress is connected to the amount played. changes the amounts and you’ll begin again.

How to play Cubee

Cubee must be equal in power or stronger than his enemies to grab some coin wins for you when they appear. The energy balls will be swallowed by him to give you the chance to conquer more enemies. Prizes are indicated in the paytable.

Become a time traveler!

Cubee starts off in the Stone Age. He has two other periods to visit on his travels as you move through the game – the Piracy Age, where free games can be won by collecting cannons, and the Viking Age, where multipliers can be won. Completing those features will finally send you to Cubeeland. This is where your collected free games and total multiplier values will be played.

To get from one time period to the next, you must hit Rocco with enough weapons to take him down. Once he falls over, you know you’ll head through the vortex to see the next period. We eventually won 16 free games with a 10x multiplier, so those last two destinations are worth paying attention to.

Enjoy the Cubee: Time Travel Adventure and Head Through Time Today

Sometimes it is good to play a different sort of game. Cubee: Time Travel Adventure could be that kind of game. This was recently released by a well-known software developer (more about them shortly) and it has certainly made some headlines since its launch date. It is proving very popular and for good reason. There are similarities with regular slots but believe us when we say this game delivers far more than a few similarities.

Which software developer created Cubee?

This one comes from Real Time Gaming (or RTG, if you prefer). Their reputation among slot players is a good one, thanks to their ability to create games that are streets ahead of the competition. Could we say the same of this game too? Let’s find out.

Can you try a demo?

Yes, you should be able to find a demo version (sometimes labeled as a practice version) at any casino offering the Cubee game from RTG. Focus on RTG-powered casinos as these will almost certainly offer it.

What sort of theme should we expect from this game?

The clue is in the title – we’re traveling through time for this one! You will experience the Stone Age, the Viking Age, and the time of Piracy too.

Game design features

The design is beautiful, and it changes depending on which era you are in. It begins in the Stone Age, so you can guess what that will look like. The Piracy segment sees you on the beach, while the Viking Age sees Cubee’s enemy wearing a Viking helmet and wielding a nasty-looking ax. The detail is good in each case, with the variation in levels keeping things interesting.

While there are prizes to be won from matching symbols that appear through the Vortex in the game, you can only secure them if Cubee has more power and strength than the matching monsters seen. This makes reading and understanding the paytable even more important than usual.

Coin options

It is possible to play Cubee from just 10 cents a time. There are no paylines here, of course, so we get just one bet to play per spin. We say spin, but that is not strictly true as there are no standard reels. Instead, eight icons drop into position with each go. The highest bet you can make is $50 per go.

Where is the Cubee paytable?

There is an information button shown on the left side of the screen near the bottom, so click on that to find out more about the game.

Does Cubee: Time Travel Adventure offer any free spins?

Yes, but you must wait until you reach Cubee Land, the final level in the game, before you can play them. Before you get there, you need to find as many cannons as possible when you are in the Piracy level. These are kept and each one equals a free spin in Cubee Land. Meanwhile, the final level – Viking Age – contains collectable multipliers. These too are collected and kept safe until you reach those free spins. Once there, anything you manage to win will be multiplied by the appropriate value, according to how much you managed to collect.

What is the RTP?

We could only find one source for the RTP value for this game, and it stated the RTP was 96.1%. If true, that is a respectable value, don’t you think?

Our rating for Cubee: Time Travel Adventure

We like this game a lot, since it offers something unusual that we have not seen before. The game has some familiar elements, of course – multipliers and free spins to name just two. However, with no reels or paylines involved, it does offer something you won’t have played before. It has already won over plenty of fans too.

Any details of slot game winners?

We haven’t seen any news of anyone scooping the top prize in this game, but they may well have kept it quiet anyway. The volatility looks to be medium to high, which means it won’t suit everyone.

Would you like to play for fun?

If so, any casino offering RTG games should have Cubee: Time Travel Adventure available as a demo. This is the best way to make sure you know how to play, and you understand the rules before progressing to the real version.

Would you switch to playing with real bets?

We think players who want something different and who are happy to bet more per ‘spin’ will like this one. Will you find a betting option you are happy with and move on to real play? Only you will figure out the answer to that.

Can you try a mobile version of the Cubee game?

Yes, this is a new game and so it is available across all mobile platforms alongside the usual Flash and downloadable versions.

Download Cubee: The Travel Adventure for a time-traveling game today

Cubee: The Travel Adventure is set to be a huge success. It is worth reading through the paytable and playing for a while in demo mode before betting for real. This gives you an idea of how good the game is – and how refreshingly different it is too. Will Cubee win you over?