Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots

Even though they have an original Diamond Mine, they wanted to continue the fun for those that loved to play on the first slot. This brings a bit more fun to the table than the first, which is always a good thing when you want to grab a lot more cash for your pockets. When you line them up right, this is the slot machine that pays you all of the diamonds that you need and want. Never have to worry about a thing when the diamonds have you covered.

Of course, just like the first one, this is the slot machine that is also a classic slot. You will find that it has 1 payline and 3 reels to line the symbols up on. This is always a good thing when you want to make sure that you're cashing out on the best. The symbols are somewhat the same as the first too but the payouts are a bit better and the gameplay is also better. When you want to try a bit more out of the slots that are out there, think about playing the upgraded versions, as these are what give you the most money when the time comes.

Lights, Camera, Graphics, Go!

When you go to play this one and as compared to the first, you will find that the graphics are a it smoother overall. They are a bit more clear than the original which is something that the game was commended on, since it made a huge difference in the gameplay. You can also expect the sounds to be crystal clear and provide you with the ability to feel good about everything when the time comes. You should know that you are making use of the lights, the camera, the action and the ability to feel like you're playing in a real casino for cash money.

Did the Symbols Change from the First?

The symbols from the first are carried over to this slot machine, which makes it a bit easier for those that have already played the first and know what the symbols stand for and what they can do. This is a great thing for them. However, if you don't then be prepared to see the classic symbols that you would normally see on these slots, such as the cherries, 7's and BARs. These are all symbols that you will come across from time to time and it is good to think about what else they come with.

Diamonds are a great thing to have but when it comes to cashing out on the extras, you want to make sure that you know what is going to pay bigger. There are many symbols that come around the board, but when you see the diamonds, then these pay out good and the cherries, as these are both wild symbols that know how to pay when you line them up right. Watch as the mine opens up and is ready for you to come and dig for those diamonds that are going to make all of your dreams come true.

Bonuses and Spins That Come with the Game

When you line up the right amount of BARs in the game, this is going to award you with the free spins that you want. If you are looking to double your prize money, then you want to make sure that you check into the 2x bonus feature. This doubles all of the earnings that you make, which means more money for your account. When it comes to playing, this is a simple game and it does not have many bonuses or extras, but the ones you get are a decent amount of them providing the support that you need when it comes to getting the most out of the game.

When you love diamonds and digging in the mines for them, then this is the game for you to try out. You should be able to find a slot machine that you love. Make this be the one that you want to continue using for some time to come. When you are ready, the slot, this one and the first one are ready and waiting for you to come and try your luck and perhaps win a bit of money. Or a lot of money. It just depends on how much you stick with the game and watch the reels spin.