Dr WinMore Slots

Dr. WinMore Slots machine is a great creation by real time gaming software (RTG) that will feature some interesting developments and storyline of a genius scientist and his robot mixing magic formulas to reward the players with some sweet payouts. The slot machine is a quality experience for all those players who like to see something different and interesting as they spend some fun time playing online slot machines. The rewards of the game can go up to 3000 times of your stake and so playing for top bet amounts is a good idea here. The game also features some special symbols that will make your experience with the slot machine even more fun and exciting. Playing the game is easy and convenient as you will have many betting options and some interesting combinations of exciting symbols. The graphics of the machine is impressive and the entire gaming environment will be magnetic and thrilling at all times. This is one of those quality slot gaming experiences you will want to try over and over again due to the fine features and generous payouts, try it out now!

Theme and Symbols

Be ready to meet the main characters of Dr. WinMore Slots machine- the scientist and his fellow robot. This game is all about mixing formulas in a lab where Dr. WinMore spends his time developing special prizes for all the players. Your goal will be collecting at least 4 similar symbols on your reels to hit a win. As you play on, you will be entertained by some interesting symbols such as test tubes, flasks, value batteries, lights, plasma balls, and beakers of colorful liquids. The wild scientist himself will also be there and his helper robot as well. The helper robots look like the yellow cute one-eyed minions from the popular cartoon Despicable Me. These two are your main special symbols of the game and so expect to hit great special features every time you meet them on your reels. Overall this is a colorful and fascinating experience mixed with great features of the used graphics and special sound effects. As expected from the creators of RTG, you will have a great experience enjoying a good theme that comes with great quality and endless rewards that can go up every time you come back for more. Enjoy!

Game Play

The gameplay of Dr. Winmore slots is something fun and different as you will have a 5 x 5 greed but instead of traditional reels you will be playing with a cluster pays mechanism. You will still get to enjoy the spins of the fun symbols of the game meanwhile every time to place a bet and spin, all symbols drop away and new symbols come to replace them. Your goal hence is to collect at least 4 matching symbols in order to hit a win. The betting range of the game varies from just 0.01 to 0.25 making this experience perfect for lower rollers. Meanwhile, the payouts are there to make multiple times of your stake and so you may be looking for a very rewarding experience with this game. Additionally, the game features such important and fun options as auto spin and turbo play and it can be played both on computers or mobile devices. The game hence is a convenient and flexible experience of fun and adorable features. Have fun!

Bonuses and Jackpots

As promised, at Dr. WinMore slot machine you will have some special features and bonuses to enjoy. The special win opportunities are triggered using the special wild and scattered symbols which are the main characters of the game. You will witness a special cascade of winning as you play the game that means you will have the symbols tumbling down and as you land a winning combo with the special symbols you will have the sweet fascinating explosions. As you keep landing your special symbols in your winning combinations, you will get to experience the sweet multipliers that can go up to 6 times of your win. The top payout of the game can be worth 3000 times of your stake and hence some rewarding experience here is promised. Have a great time with this innovative and fun experience and good luck!