Field of Green Slots

A sports lover's favorite game, Field of Green slot has a solid 5 reels and 20 standard paylines - which affords the for-money gamer many chances to win. The software makers also tosse din some Double Payout-giving Wild Symbols, some game extending Free Spins, Bonus Features and even a nice sized Random Jackpot. The sport in question for this one is none other than American football - as opposed to soccer, which is the sport that the rest of the world knows as football. But you know those crazy Americans march to a different robust tune - and we all love them for it! The gridiron is in full effect in this grassy Video Slot, and it's waiting for you to line up and get ready to rumble.

Although Free Play is available in this Real Time Gaming slot, there's so much cash to be won that we won't hold it against you if you use the Instant Play option only for the first few minutes of gameplay. After that, it's up to you if you want to try your luck on the cash reward option. The symbols are all related to football in some way, from the Cheerleader Brunette Girl, to the Referee's Whistle, Football Players Helmet, Pigskin Football, Football Player, Football Heisman Trophy, Cup of Game Beer, the Victory Finger and the upper card symbols from the Table Game, Poker. Keep an eye on the Jackpot sign off to the upper left as you place your bets and spins those reels.

Field of Green Slots has a Football to serve as the Scatter symbol, and the background animated crowd to serve as your cheering section. Never before have so many "people" been invested in your financial future, and they are cheering you on for the win. The Heisman Trophy symbol functions as the Wild, and it replaces all other symbols for the win - doubling the win when it does so, in fact - except it cannot replace the Scattered Football icon. These represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to symbols that pay, so reference the in game pay table to learn more about how your riches will be acquired.

Betting amounts are what makes or makes the quality of your success on the reels. Put as little as a single credit or as much as 5 full credits on each of the 20 paylines to really spread the luck around; avoid playing with just a few paylines since you can vary the amount of cash you use on each one. This strategy maximizes your chances. So, with a maximum number of 100 credits possible on any single game of Field of Green Slot, you can make away like a bandit or a king with just a few downs on this gridiron. The symbols that pay the most pay from both directions.

You're going to want to stay for this one: the Bonus Round. You can access this lucrative game if you get at least three Scattered Footballs to show up; the more the merrier in the regular game. The number of them you get, at the three and up minimum, correlates precisely with the number of field goal attempts you get to win the game. The Kick button will arise on the screen, coaxing you to launch that pigskin ball way down the virtual field using your professional punter. The prizes you receive depend on how many footballs make it through the goal dozens of yards away. You can win Free Spins in the numbers of 5, 10 or even 25 of them - along with any attached prizes, which tend to be multiple of your bet amount. Just imagine getting 100 times your wager! Field of Green is a verifiably successful slot - so much so that there's a sequel. Try either to make your dreams come true.