Fish Catch Slots

If you are looking for something different and fun, come give Fish Catch Slots game a try. This is a unique and special opportunity to just relax and enjoy some fun fishing time. If you love the underwater theme and of course fishing, you will love this creation by the brilliant RTG (Real Time Gaming Software). the developers this time have something special for you where you will not deal with typical slot gameplay and instead will go on a journey shooting for rewarding fishes and underwater creatures. The game is full of bonuses and special features that come in a game with great quality and sound effects. The game is for those players who wish to simply relax and enjoy beautiful gameplay and the betting sizes and rewards are at lower levels. The top payout of the game is $2,500 meaning that the game is perfect for the lower-rollers. Overall you will be in for a fun and quality experience that will also change the image of traditional slot machines.

Theme and Symbols

Get ready to go fishing! Fish Catch Slots game is here to bring you innovative game play and some fantastic features to make your experience even more interesting and exciting. You will get to play with such fun symbols as mermaids, clownfish, squid, swordfish, and 6 different types of guns. You can use the different types of guns to fish in the game. You will see the fish bones of those you have already caught floating around you and small touches and symbols like those make this experience so special and fun. The quality of the game is great and it comes with some fun and cheering sound effects that transfer you all the way to a peaceful but still fun environment of waters and fishing experience. You will have all the great features to make the entire process even more gun and so keep an eye on the special types of fish you will be shooting. Good luck!

Game Play

As promised, at Fish Catch Slots, you will not be dealing with typical reels or pay lines. Instead of slots typical game play you will simply have a gun and can use it to fire at the fish that are swimming in the water. You will also get to choose how much you wish to bet on each of your shoots which will determine your wager sizes each time you take a shot. The top payout of the game can be worth 1,000 times of your stake that can get you up to $2,500. Another advantage of the game is that it is available to play on mobile devices as well. This means you will be able to enjoy the fun game play on your PC or any mobile device or even a tablet you may prefer. So, if you are up for a fantastic challenge of shooting some interesting marine life, this innovative experience can be just for you. Enjoy!

Bonuses and Jackpots

The most exciting part of the game starts when you get to trigger the special bonus features of Fish Catch Slots. The first fact you may wish to know about this adventure is that the game can be played by 4 different players at the same time. The first thing you will see is the ocean full of different types of fish and other marine life. As you pick the cannon you will be ready to go. Each of the 5 available guns comes with different amount of multipliers as well as different firepower so you may keep an eye on those special opportunities while making a choice. There is a special bonus feature called Mermaid’s Luck which can be triggered randomly. As you spin the Roulette to start shooting the fish you may hit this special feature and receive payouts instantly. So good luck catching the most valuable marine life and simply have fun with this slot machine!