Jazz Time Slots


If you love both jazz music and casino, Jazz Time Slots is going to give you plenty of goosebumps. The game is not only one of the most beautiful casino games around, but it is also going to provide you with pleasant musical experience thanks to its beautiful theme based on your favorite jazz music. There are jazz musical aspects in all scenes and parts of the game. During your time with Jazz Time Slots, you will find almost all the instruments required to make the jazz music exciting and thrilling. Just like jazz music, this musical online casino game is going to give you a thrilling experience. Have an in-depth look to know more about Jazz Time Slots.

Interesting Features

The online casino giant- RTG created Jazz Time Slots online casino game. The game consists of 5 reels and nine pay lines. Features like scatter bonus win, and jazz session bonus games make this game very exciting. You can use both these features to win big. The better you play, higher the chances of getting bonuses. And higher the rewards, more substantial the number of earning coins.

Coins, Lines & Betting

There are coin sizes from 1-cent to 5.00 per line. You are allowed to play from one to nine lines. If you want to big win, try to make sure you are playing all the nine lines. There are options for betting up to five coins per line.

Important Symbols of Jazz Time Slots

Guitar Symbol is the most significant symbol in Jazz Time Slots. If you are lucky to have five guitar symbols at a time, you can win $2500.00 on $1.00 per line. Microphone symbol is another significant symbol of the game. If you can get five microphone symbols at a time, you will get the chance of playing the jackpot of the Jazz Time Slots. The three Drums symbol holds much importance as well. If you are successful to have a set of drumsticks, a hi-hat, and a snare together, you will be able to get a bonus win. Grand Piano icons on anywhere on the skin allow you to enter jam session bonus round where you will get jam session with all of the four instruments. Click on any four of the symbols (Bass, Piano, Trumpet, and Guitar) to have a chance to play jam session.

How to Play Jazz Time Slots

Playing Jazz Casino Slots game is very easy, and you need to understand the game properly. If you have understood all about the game in detail, you can proceed to play needing some luck with you. You need to choose your bet initially. You can choose betting coins from $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1, and $5.00. If you want to cover all nine lines of the game, you need to choose a minimum bet of $0.9. But if you want to have a chance of winning maximum, you will have to play with five coins per line. The maximum bet of Jazz Time Slots is $225.

Bonuses and Jackpot of Jazz Time Slots

  • Big Money Scatter Bones: Getting Drumsticks, Snare, and Hi-Hat on the reels give you a chance to activate Big Money Scatter Bonus. You can win award up to 350 credits with this combination.
  • Jazz Jam Bonus: You can activate Jazz Jam Bonus by hitting three Piano Symbols on the reels. Moreover, if you are able to play tune in harmony, you will extra bonus and a chance of winning up to 4,000 coins or $20,000.
  • Jazz Time Slot Machine: If you play with 5 coins, you will stand a chance to get slot machine, you will get to play two bonus games and hence a chance of winning 10,000 coins or $50, 000.
  • Jackpots:There are three Jackpots in Jazz Time- with the reward of 10,000 or $50,000, 4,000 coins or $20,000, and 3,000 coins or $15,000 respectively.