Megasaur Slots

Megasaur Slots is definitely a club favorite from Real Time Gaming, and it has five reels and 25 pay lines over which to investigate the dinosaurs symbols and hope for the winning combinations that lead to a payout – assuming that you're playing in the real cash mode, anyway. The fun mode is also available at your favorite online casino, all you have to do is had to the website and choose the Instant Play option. This slot is laden with special features for the online casino gamer; just wait until you get a load of the end-game jackpot: a life changing $1 million! Quite obviously, this is a Progressive Jackpot that just keeps on growing until a lucky winner snags it.

If you prefer only playing the fun money options, then you can skip the next section. However, if you don't mind tossing a few coins towards the casino game, then this is for you. Unlike so many Slots where there are 10 different coin denominations, Megasaur Slots has only three: you can wager $1.25, $2.50, or $5 on every single spin. These amounts are much larger than the usual, and are necessary in order to feed the progressive nature of the jackpot.

Yet another feature in Megasaur Slots that stands out is the presence of a double dose of Wild symbols. The first one is the Emerald Megasaur and the second one is the Crimson Megasaur; they both look like the extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. The Crimson Megasaur dinosaur belongs to a class of substitute symbols known as the group wild symbol and its shows up on the fourth reels alone. The Emerald Megasaur dinosaur icon is also a grouped substitute symbol; it, however, appears on the second real alone in this 5 reel 25 pay line RTG slot. It is in the Bonus Round with the two of them really shine in terms of replacing other symbols to help jumpstart and conclude a winning combination for the commensurate payout.

As for the symbol values, let's take a trip back to the prehistoric era and see what the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cambrian times have to offer us. The most valuable symbol on the reels is the Triceratops, which was a herbivore with two long and pointy horns sticking out of its armored head to protect it from the unwelcome entreaties of the Tyrannosaurus rex. For five Triceratops symbols, the award is 1000 coins – this is doubled to 2000 coins if the Crimson Megasaur dinosaur symbol appears on the reels with at the same time. For four Triceratops symbols the award is 500 coins – again, this doubles to 1000 coins if the substitute symbol shows up to. For three Triceratops symbols you win 100 coins, and for two Triceratops symbols you win 10 coins. The Wild Crimson Megasaur symbol does not double the payouts if only three or two symbols appear on the reels.

The next highest paying symbol is a blue dinosaur; five of a kind warrants a 750 coin payout that is doubled to 1500 coins courtesy of the Crimson Megasaur symbol. For blue dinosaur symbols get you 250 coins which are doubled to 500 coins with the Crimson Megasaur substitute symbol. Three blue dinosaur symbols warrants a payout of 50 coins and two blue dinosaur symbols get you five coins. The next to symbols are coupled together; these are the velociraptor and the pterodactyl. For five of a kind of either one you will receive 250 coins that are doubled to 500 coins with the appearance of the correct substitute symbol. For four of a kind on the reels you get 100 coins that are doubled to 200 coins with the substitute symbol. For three pterodactyl or velociraptor symbols on the reels at the same time, you win 25 coins; lastly, for two of the symbols you get two coins.

The scatter symbol in Megasaur Slots is a Mega volcano – of the type that used to cause local extinctions millions of years ago when the pressure grew too great. Any winds that involve the scattered metal volcano are multiplied by the total amount of money you bet at the beginning of the game; this, of course, does not include the huge progressive Megasaur Jackpot. For five of a kind of the scatter symbol on the reels you get 300 coins, for four of a kind you get just 10 coins, for three of a kind you get two coins and for two of a kind you get a single gold coins. The scatter is also the key to unlocking three of the jackpots in the game; these are the Mega Jackpot, the Major Jackpot, and the Minor Jackpot. The Minor Jackpot is worth hundreds of dollars, whereas the Major Jackpot is worth thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, and the Major Jackpot is of course the one that will change your life with a $1 million prize payout.

The final symbols on the reels are the poker card symbols; the King and the Ace are grouped together such that five of a kind get you 150 coins, four of a kind get you 30 coins, and three of a kind get you 10 coins. These values can be doubled with the appearance of the Crimson Megasaur symbol as a substitution – but only for four of a kind and for five of a kind on the reels. The Joker and the Queen poker symbols are next and five of a kind get you 125 coins, four of a kind get you 25 coins, and three of a kind get you five coins. At last we have the 9 and the 10; five of a kind is worth 100 coins, four of a kind is worth 20 coins, and three of a kind is worth five coins.