Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Mid-Life Crisis slot features 9-line progressive game and 5 reels. It additionally comes with jackpots, scatters and two distinguished types of bonus rounds. Overall, it presents a lot of winning opportunities to the users. The game can be started with fixed coin size of 25 cents. Players have the choice to select from 1 to 9 lines. They can also set the number of coins that they want to play. Usually, the number of coins will vary from 1 to 5. The jackpot win is quite luring. To hit the jackpot, you can choose to hit any 5 “sports cars”. The amount is $100,000. There are two bonus rounds. If you hit three mid-life symbols anywhere on the screen, you shall be able to win scatter bonus point. Alternatively, you can hit three “lovely ladies” symbols to enter “pick your poison bonus round.

Playing online slot games is an exceptional experience for many people. A lot of people stay alone at home and they do not find the required entertainment in regular routine stuffs. Such people can obviously try playing online slots at trusted online casinos to get rid of their boredom. However, online casino games are more than slot games or gaming experience, they are about giving opportunity to money. Mid Life Crisis slot game is for those who are seeking to serious money through online casino games.

This slot games intends to offers fast cars, beautiful women and a lot of adventurous stuffs. All these things can heal midlife crisis and that is why the game has been named as Mid Life Crisis. This game can be termed as sugar daddy, as it offers multi-million dollar jackpots and real time sports car winning opportunity. This slow game can be technically described as 5 reels and 9 play lines based slot game. The conventional looking slot game actually comes with a lot of winning opportunities for the gamers. The winning rewards are exceptional. From earning a lot of money to winning a sharp as well as sizzling sports car, Mid Life Crisis offers many interesting things to users.

Mid Life Cruises is an online slot game which features a lot of expensive items. Overall design, game playing options and various bonus as well as rewarding stuffs will bring rejuvenation for the users. It comes with simple playing interface, which actually helps the users to focus. In many slot games, attractive interfaces have been featured, though they may look distracting in many cases. On stack of three, gamers will find total 15 symbols. There are nine lines and all nine lines can be used when playing the game. The highest bid for the game can be 5 coins maximum.

To start playing the game, users have to purchase credits first. Each credit value is $0.25 and users can buy maximum 45 numbers of credits at a time. So, 45 credits or $11.25 will be used for each spin. Those, who do not want to make high investment for playing online casino games, would find it absolutely convenient. With minimal investment, this game can be played without facing any sorts of hassles.

In every row, you can choose to hit total five sports car symbols to enjoy a bonus point. Apart from normal bonus, there is jackpot for you to win. The jackpot is worthy, as it ensures awarding you a sporting car. The posh and premium sports car will be worth $100,000. In order to qualify for this jackpot, gamers have to bet maximum 5 credits per pay line. This game is also generous in giving other bonus amounts. Hitting middle aged man symbol and medallion symbol together will fetch excellent bonus.

So, overall this video slot game ensures excellent opportunity to take fun in winning prizes or rewards through slot games. If you are lucky and careful enough, you can win sports car worth $100,000 along with many other exciting rewards.