Monster Mayhem Slots

You have a big one on your hands with Monster Mayhem; with 5 reels and 50 gargantuan paylines, this slot will give you all you can handle and more in terms of the number of different ways there are to win. To justify its huge size, it has 2 Progressive Jackpots; each of which can be won in the same game. There are also free spins and wild symbols to bump up the total possible cashout amount to an impressive 25,000 coins. The theme is engrossing, as the characters are all in different states of repose. Although we cannot quite figure out the story behind the theme; it appears to be that some kind of monster has been unleashed on the city to devastating effect.

The wagering amounts should be roughly familiar to you if you've spent some time playing online slots; the smallest allowable amount as a bet is $0.01; the largest is $1.00. You can play any number of lines in integer values between 1 and 50; only by playing all 50, though, do you maximize your chances of winning. The smaller jackpot is the Minor Jackpot, and you can win in the hundreds of dollars with this one. The bigger one is the Major Jackpot, and you can win in the upper thousands (usually capped around about $10,000). These jackpots appear at the end of any round, and they are awarded randomly - which means you are always in the game so don't count yourself out.

The symbols include a policeman, a burning skyscraper building, a destroyed pink truck, a spotlight (like the one used in Gotham City to attract the Dark Knight), a helicopter, a fire hydrant, a camera, a surprised lady, a newspaper reading Monster Mayhem and others. There are two substitute symbols in Monster Mayhem; they are the monstrosities responsible for the impending destruction of the metropolis. Their names are Crash and Smash, and they dominate the first reel and the fifth reel in normal games; during which they substitute for other symbols to complete a winning payline. The scatter symbol is the burning skyscraper; any wins that involve it are multiplied by the complete bet at the beginning of the game. This symbol's position on the reels cannot be usurped by the Wild symbol.

The most expensive symbol on the reels (for the House, that is, if you win) is the Monster Footprint. For five of a kind, this symbol gets you a solid 2500 coins, for four of a kind, it gets you 500 coins, for three of a kind, it releases 100 coins and for two of a kind, 5 coins. The Screaming Lady symbol is second-most valuable with five of her being worth 1250 coins, four of her worth 250 coins, three of her worth 50 coins and two of her worth 3 coins. The policeman symbol is next in the value line, with five of a kind getting you 500 coins, four of a kind getting you 150 coins, and three of a kind getting you 25 coins.

The lowest paying symbols are always, somewhat fittingly, last; they also usually come in sets of two. The helicopter and the smashed truck are each worth 400 coins for five of a kind on the reels; for four of a kind of each, you get 75 coins and for three of a kind, 15 coins. The next set of two includes the spotlight and the fire hydrant; for five of a kind of either, you receive 200 coins, for four of a kind you get 50 coins and for three of a kind you get 5 coins. The final set of low paying symbols is the newspaper and the camera. For five of a kind, the award is 100 coins, for four of a kind, you get 25 coins and for three of a kind you get 5 coins. Each one of these symbol combinations only pay in the reading direction; the Burning Skyscraper Scatter, however, pays in any direction (either directions, rather - given that there are only two).

Rounding up this Monster Mayhem review, we have the Monster Mayhem Re-spins Feature. With this, it is possible to get an extra 10 Free Spins to shoot for your goal of the Progressive Jackpot. Download and try Monster Mayhem Slots tonight.