Outta This World Slots

Outta This World is one of the most popular slot games these days. As the name suggests, this virtual casino game will definitely take you into a ride out of this world. Optimum fun is assured with this game. The game features aliens, black holes and other interesting things around the universe. It intends providing a completely different gaming experience to the users. Playing online casino games is always enjoyable for the users. The most important thing for playing online slot games is to find opportunity for winning good bonus money, free spins and multipliers. All these things along with impressive jackpot is offered by this online slot game.

Playing Outta This World Slots

This slot game gives a lovely picture of the world outside the world in which we live. We live in a planet which is just equal to a small dot in this whole universe. A lot of unknown things are surrounding us in this universe. Nevertheless, we can find a lot of things that human beings have successfully explained. For example, black holes, Milky Way and many such things are quite known to us. To play this game, one needs to understand the bidding tactics. It is important to bid properly. When you find two or more black hole pictures on the 5 reels, you are entitled to win spaceship arena from where 10 different planets can be viewed. From each plants, massive rewards can be attained. Apart from free spins, many other rewards have been offered to the users. Alien image, which is basically the wild symbol, can also fetch impressive rewards for the gamers. This game features 5 reels and 20 play lines. One can bid money on each of these 20 play lines. Betting on the all 20 play lines will fetch great winning chance and better rewards.

Basic Rules to Know

  • All symbols on Outta This World slot game will pay the gamers from left to right. But, there is an exception. Scatter black hole symbol can pay both ways.
  • You can place bets on multiple pay lines. At the end of the game, the rewards of all those pay lines will be summed up.
  • Scatter winning will be multiplied with total bet.
  • The maximum winning amount could be 40000 times of the bet you place on a single pay line.

Random Jackpot

Outta This World slot game comes with random jackpot opportunity. The jackpot comes as a pot of rewards after the climax of each spinning. It is a matter of luck to win the jackpot as it is offered randomly. So, in a way it could be stated that winning a random jackpot becomes more viable when there are more or more spinning. Thus, during the game play mode, gamers must focus on getting more free spins.


This is a brilliantly developed game that assures a lot of gifts as well as surprises. So, from the aspect of chance for winning big, this online casino video slot game is highly recommended to everyone.