Polar Explorer Slots

The time of the year when the sun hides itself on most days is almost here - and Polar Explorer Slots is in full effect. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, you have the help of a bevy of free games opportunities, Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, multiple bonuses and two random jackpots in this Real Time Gaming creation. Plus, Polar Explorer Slots is in the Real Series classification and thus has an appearance that’s competitive with that of even the i-Slots.

The video slot is available for free play, but you cannot win any cash in this version. That’s cool, though - because it’s fun enough to play without putting anything at stake. If, however, you want to up the stakes and take advantage of any lucky streaks that happen to be coming your way, you’ll have to download the casino software and put down a wager. With this option, there are more than a dozen incremental coin sizes from which to choose; with the lowest amount being 5 cents and the highest amount being $5 per payline, That equals a spectrum bounded by 25 cents on the low end and $25 on the high end.

The Wild symbol is the Polar Explorer - fitting, isn’t it?! For five Polar Explorers you get 5000 coins, for four Polar Explorers you receive 1250 coins, for three Polar Explorers you get 125 coins, and for two Polar Explorers that’s 10 coins. This symbol further replaces all other symbols to help the gamer complete a winning payline; the Scattered Ship is the only one for which it cannot substitute. It is, however, involved in wins; when this happens, it multiplies the number by the bet amount for that round. Five Ships symbols on the reels results in a 200 coin prize, additionally; four Scattered Ships opens up a 20 coin prize and three Ships gets you 2 coins.

Besides the prior special symbols, we have several highly-valued symbols that pay out a bunch of money. The big one is Ursus Maritimus - otherwise known as the Polar Bear. For five Polar Bear icons, the prize is 2500 coins, for four Polar Bears, you get 750 coins, for three Polar Bears the reward is 100 coins and for two Polar Bears the award is 5 coins. The Narwhal is also a high paying symbol; for five Whales the prize is 1000 coins, for four Whales it’s 500 coins, for three Whales it’s 50 coin prize and for two Whales you receive a payout of 5 coins. The Sea Lion, for five of a kind, is worth 500 coins, for four of a kind is worth a payout of 200 coins, for three of a kind delivers 15 coins and for two of a kind results in a payout for 3 coins. Last but not least of the game symbols is the Compass; for five of a kind, it delivers 300 coins, for four of a kind, gets you 100 coins, for three of a kind results in 15 coins and for two of a kind gets you 3 coins.

The lowest paying symbols are grouped into triples - and there are two of these groups of Poker card suits. The first group includes the Ace, King and Queen jackets, and for five of a kind, you get 250 coins, for four of a kind, you receive 40 coins; three of a kind is the final payout for this group, and it releases 5 coins for your troubles. The final group consists of a Joker, 10 and 9 card suit; for five of a kind, these deliver 150 coins, for four of a kind, they result in 25 coins and for three of a kind, you get 5 coins.

There’s also an Explorer Feature to contend with. It is activated when the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels are filled with the proper symbols. There’s much to uncover here, and all the info you need is provided on the in-game paytable for your convenience. While there, you can also learn about the Explorer Feature and the Hidden Treasure Feature. Download today and enjoy the full scope of what Polar Explorer Slots has to offer the online casino gamer. It’s available either for free play in the Instant Flash Option, or for paid play in the software download offer.