Samba Sunset Slots

Samba Sunset Slots has 5 reels in the unique but lucrative All Ways Pay configuration; which means that there are even more ways to win than normal. The payline count is officially 243, and this progressive jackpot slot has wild and scatter symbols to help push you into the land of lucrative bet returns (but only if you download the casino software and play the real money version of the game. The visual feast that awaits you in Samba Sunset Slots is courtesy of the 3D graphical engine that drives the onscreen animations, as the denizens of the Mardi Gras-like carnival spin the night away at a frenetic pace.

Of course, this takes place in Rio, even though it has some civic kinship with St. Louis’ most famous yearly carnival. The pivotal event in Samba Sunset slots is when three scatters (or more) line up on the reels in any direction, and a solid ten free spins drops right into your digital lap.One of the top symbols - with which we will become familiar shortly - is the Extra Dancer; she can, in conjunction with the substitute symbol, double the resulting payout when it features as a replacement to complete a winning combination. As a special feature, you can count on it to be retriggered just one time, however, so be sure to keep your eyes open for its occurrence.

Although you can head to the casino and play this right from your browser using the Instant Play option online, this does not allow you to access any of the cash associated with your winnings. It’s best to play the Flash version to practice first, and then consider switching to the real version via download and sign up. By making a deposit, you can now receive a Welcome Bonus and be eligible for any ingame promotions as well as a possible Rewards Club membership for future continued patronage. Samba Sunset Slots is one of the quintessential examples of elite mobile gaming, as the pokey appears crisp and smooth on the compact screen, without any hitches or hiccups. Download and see for yourself.

As for the special symbols scattered about the reels, you have the adorned dancing carnival lady, the Extra Dancer symbol, the macarenas, the drum set and the poker card suits. There are more, of course, and we’ll go through the symbols values once we get down to the next section. It might interest you to know that there are two jackpots available in conjunction with the progressive; the latter can be awarded randomly at the conclusion of any normal game. The first jackpot is known as the Minor, and it can reveal itself to the tune of hundreds of dollars. The second jackpot is the Major, and it regularly surpasses the thousand dollar mark for the lucky winner.

Here go the symbol values; starting off with the top paying ones. The prettiest dancer in Samba Sunset Slots is not surprisingly the most valuable. For five of a kind of her you receive 500 coins as a payout on that pay line. For four of a kind of the top dancer who's also a brunette, you win 200 coins. For three of a kind of the pretty brunette top dancer you win 100 coins, and for two of a kind of her you get 20 coins. The slot maker clearly has a thing for scantily clad women because the next highest paying symbol is also a pretty dancer. For five of a kind of her you again get 500 coins; but for four of a kind of her there's a drop-off relative to the pretty brunette symbol – you get just 75 coins instead of 200 coins. For three of a kind of her you get 40 coins, and for two of a kind you win five coins.

The following paying symbols are the macarena's; for five of a kind you win 400 coins, for four macarena symbols you win 50 coins, and for three macarena symbols you get 25 coins. You don't get anything if just two macarena symbols shows up on the reels. The next to symbol that pays out pretty well is the drum set; for five of a kind you win 250 coins, for four of a kind you get 40 coins, and for three of a kind you get 20 coins. In case we did not refer to them by their proper names as inscribed in the game itself, the Wild symbol is represented by the Samba Sunset game insignia, and it can replace any other symbol except for the Scattered Sunset Scene symbol. The Sunset Scene symbol delivers those free games that are much talked about when at least three of them land.

If you recall all of the symbol values from up above, keep in mind that when the Wild Samba Sunset Game Insignia Symbol appears, whatever the payout is end up being doubled in value – much to the delight of the lucky online casino gamer. This doubling can be compounded, and that it occurs for every single wild that shows up to replace a symbol. Whenever this particular special features re-triggered (it can only happen once actually) it will reward you with five so-called Super Games once you've used up all of the preceding 10 free games you received from the scatter prize.

Your interest might have been duly piqued when you read that snippet about the Super Games; let's investigate that further. Whenever you receive a Super Game, you will get a bonanza of extra dancer symbols that are added to the active reels right before every single free spin. Whatever prize you happen to win when the Wild Samba Sunset Game Insignia symbol appears is tripled in value for a whopping three times as much cash as you would otherwise have won. Of course, to make sure that the casino House does not go broke, there is no re-triggering feature here – you cannot continue to pileup extra free games while playing this round.

Download and play Samba Sunset Slots today to have a shot at the lucrative progressive jackpot that just might await you a games and. You can play it on your android device, your Windows device or your Apple device. Enjoy!