Unsolved Mysteries

Everyone loves pondering over an unsolved mystery, don’t they? We certainly do, and we’ve got three of them here for you to become curious about.

The Marree Man

Many parts of the world have carvings or drawings set into the ground that are only truly visible from the air. That is an accurate description of the Marree Man, a drawing of a man that was an incredible 2.5 miles long.

It was spotted in 1998, but over subsequent years it faded. Since it drew plenty of tourism to the area, locals restored it to a state that should last far longer – and so it continues to draw attention the world over.

Yet no one knows who originally put it there or why.

What happened to Rhianna Barreau?

Rhianna Barreau was 12 years old when she disappeared in October 1992. Today, she would be 40, yet no one knows where she is or what happened to her.

She walked to the mall to purchase a card to send to a pen pal, but while her mother found the card on the table when she got in, her daughter was nowhere to be seen. Despite extensive searches by her mother and the police, no sign of Rhianna was discovered. Even now, no one knows what happened. Her mother remained in the house, so her daughter would have somewhere to return to. To this day, she remains missing.

The Somerton Man or Tamam Shud

The body of a man found on Somerton Beach began a mystery that continues to this day – even though the body was found in 1948.

No identification was made, but a piece of paper was found hidden in his clothing that read “tamam shud,” translated from Persian to mean the end or something that has finished.

But this case was far from over.

It turned out the paper had come from a book that was later discovered in a car. The book contained impressions of writing that were thought to resemble a code of some sort. That code has never been cracked. Furthermore, an impression of a phone number was found that led to a local woman. She looked pale when asked about the identity of the man but said she didn’t know who he was. She did not want her name associated with the case, and it was duly removed from the files.

So, who was he? Perhaps we shall never know.

Do you know of any other mysterious cases in Australia?

There are plenty, just as there are in every country. These stood out to us, but you can be sure there are more.