Warlock's Spell Slots

Although the name warlock is rarely used, even those who are unfamiliar with the finer points of magical nomenclature understand that it is a form of male mage or wizard. By way of introduction, then, Warlock Spell Slots is a Real Time Gaming video game with five reels and 20 pay lines for your pleasure in the gaming world. It is one of those newfangled interactive Slots, and sports both the warlock and a female witch – the latter is what happens to a feminist when she becomes older and has not yet found the man. In this slot, however, you get to have fun with the dark witch and she flies around on her broom casting spells and misusing words in the way of a certain gender.

You will have more than a little bit of fun mixing potions and tossing spells into the starry night of the dark clad background of this slot. One of the most important symbols is actually the spell book, which provides the magic words to mix-and-match the orange in green spells hidden within the bookcase. As is usually the case with Slots, the poker card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and Ace are the lower paying symbols. Keep an eye out also for the Black, which is of course the only thing tying the old witch to the world of the common man. This cat, after all, has been known since time immemorial to represents the old woman who has not found a man and is intended to fulfill her natural nurturing spirit.

If you choose to play this for real cash, then you've got the option to play 0.01 credits as a minimum on all the bet lines, or a maximum of five credits per pay line; if you use the best strategy of playing every single pay line to maximize your chances of winning, then this means you've got 100 credits on the line every single spin. Since, as you recall, this is a progressive jackpot it also means you just might be eligible to take the pot at the end of every round. This large sum of money is awarded randomly, which means you're always in the game no matter how it's been going to that point.

The scatter symbol in Warlock Spell Slots is a chocolate covered spell book; if you can get three of these on the reels then there's a payout coming your way. Additionally a minimum of three chocolate covered spell book scatter symbols also leads to something called the Potion Prize Feature. The activation of this round begins with an entirely new window inside of which is displayed six floating potions of different colors. As a game of luck and chance, it is up to you to pick just one of these potion bottles and hope that it can unlock the keys to the Warlock Spell and set everyone free. There are also some free games attached to this feature if you pick the right potion and it swaps out whatever color it was to a new color of green.

For a game of this magical magnitude, no fewer than two wild symbols would do. As such, both the old witch and the powerful warlock mage serve as substitute symbols. Collectively, they can show up on every single one of the five reels and can replace any other symbol except for the chocolate covered spell book scatters.

Lastly, we will learn a little bit about the value of the other symbols in the game – after all, these contribute to help you get to the free games section. When it comes to the black Cat, five of a kind are worth 5000 credits, four of a kind are worth 1000 credits, three of a kind 100 credits and two of a kind 10 credits. The second highest paying symbol is a gold medallion; five of a kind are 1000 credits, four of a kind are 500 credits, three of a kind are 100 credits, and two of a kind are five credits. Finally, of the unique symbols before we get to the poker cards icons all the potions: five of a kind are worth 500 credits, four of a kind are worth 250 credits, three of a kind or worth 30 credits, and to of a kind are worth three credits. These numbers are so important because the next rule will simply blow you away – all of the prizes above are tripled when they are won during the free games. Download and enjoy!