Ancient Gods Slots

Risk a penny per line or boost it to the maximum 25 cents. With 25 paylines on the 5 reels, a max bet on this video slot only costs $6.25. Demo play is available if you want to test it out. It won't take long before you're ready to place a bet and play for real money.

The story behind Ancient Gods slot involves Chinese astronomy. The sky was divided up into four sections: North, South, East, and West. Each section was assigned a deity. The east was the Azure Dragon, while the west was the White Tiger. The north was protected by the Black Tortoise, while the south was protected by the Vermillion Bird, which is similar to the phoenix. Each of these gods appears in this bonus slot.

Ancient Gods Come With Fantastic Rewards

For the Ancient Gods, you have the Black Tortoise, a tortoise-snake deity, that pays up to 250 coins. The White Tiger pays up to 500 coins. The Vermillion Bird pays up to 1,000. Finally, the Azure Dragon pays up to 1,250 coins. For these four gods, you need at least two matching symbols on an active line.

Smaller payouts are granted through the different serpent scale symbols. The red and yellow scales pay 5 to 150 coins. Green scales pay 5 to 100 coins. You also win 5 to 100 coins with the tiger's fur or phoenix's feathers. This leaves the tortoise's shell that also pays 5 to 100 coins.

The Center Dragon is wild. He can expand and fill two additional spots on the reels when he or the medallion is on a reel. He pays 10 coins if he's on the reels twice, 200 if he's on three times, 500 if he's on four times, or 2,500 coins if he's on each reel.

Center Dragons Team Up With Medallions For Free Spins

Gold and emerald medallions trigger the bonus rounds. They pay 2, 10, or 200x when you get three, four, or five of them. It's the bonus round that makes them especially desirable.

Three or more medallions triggers the free spins bonus round. To find out how many free spins you receive, count the number of Center Dragons and medallions on the reels. Double that number. You can retrigger free spins too, so it's not unheard of to find yourself getting 20 free spins to start and gaining another 18.

In addition to the free spins, four scatters adds a 2x multiplier during the bonus round. Five scatters adds a 3x multiplier.

Try this game where the gods rule the land and pay you generously in the meantime. Play Ancient Gods slots now and hope for a multitude of free spins and big payouts.