IRIS 3000 Slots

With just one look at IRIS 3000 Slots, you will be literally blown away by the oddness of it all. It is definitely for the geek or nerd, given its heavily science and computer influenced appearance and gameplay. It should come as little surprise that this slot was created by the tech Masters at Real Time Gaming; particularly given the predilection for creating novel experiences in the video slot world. It is a 5 reel Progressive Slots that differs and how it's actually played when compared to the usual slot. Before we forget, IRIS 3000 Slots actually stands for Interactive Real Intelligence Slot – perhaps the software engineers have been speaking with visionary Elon Musk lately, and are starting to incorporate the futuristic promise of artificial intelligence into the coming spate of slot games for the online space.

If you spend any time playing first-person shooters such as Mass Effect, Doom 3000, or Bio Shock, then you will be regaled by the deep space narrative and scintillating soundtrack of IRIS 3000 Slots. Every scene is awash in robotic clanking sounds as well as the unmistakable thunder of gears turning and machines working. The theme is pretty story oriented to, and it looks like the entire shenanigan is on lockdown with the games most important symbols surging to the forefront. These are radiation symbols of various colors, caution signs, bright red fire, and the obligatory gold bars. Quite unconventionally, IRIS 3000 Slots is a five reel video slot with a single pay line – it more than makes up for this though with a Progressive Jackpot.

Be apprised of the fact that although IRIS 3000 Slots is advertised is having five reels, you can see up to seven reels on the gameboard at the same time; however, you will quickly shut down two of those reels – or have the computer do it for you randomly – right before the call to spin them comes. The graphics really, live once again starts; as the population inversion characteristic of a laser beam (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is activated and shoot at the doors on the screen, prompting you to choose one of them to reveal the prize behind it.

Out of the 7 doors apparent on the screen before you, you are to place your coin bets in order to activate the laser beam again. The coin sizes fixed at $0.50, and you are allowed to bet up to three of them at the time. After placing this bet, all that's left to do is to close to out of the seven doors in order to activate the Insomnia Artificial Intelligence computer system to proceed. You will be blasted with great sound effects once you initiate this process, as well as a foreboding warning sound that makes the game evermore realistic.

Although IRIS 3000's Slots doesn't have a bonus game, free spins, wild symbols or scatter symbols, it does have several multipliers as well as a Mega Progressive Jackpot that can be worth up to $100,000 in the so-called progressive seed.