San Guo Zheng Ba (Three Kingdom Wars) Slots

San Guo Zheng Ba is either Mandarin or Cantonese for Power of the Three Kingdoms; loosely for the English-speaking crowd, it refers to the Three Kingdom Wars. With 5 reels and 50 paylines, this battle for the top dog began in ancient China and has traveled to the present days for online casino gamers to perhaps benefit from it in the real money mode. The Instant Play option is free and also quite a lot of fun, though, so you can play it without feeling a financial pinch. As you probably guesses, it’s from Real Time Gaming and has a top fixed jackpot of a whopping, eye-opening 50,000 coins. Releases in 2018, San Guo Zheng Ba Slot hopes to capture the fancy of English-speaking audiences.

There’s a lot to like about this Real Time Gaming video slot; it’s got free spins, bonus symbols, and can be played on an Android or iOS mobile device. It doesn’t have a Progressive Jackpot; but who needs one when there’s a 50,000 coin payout!?You will truly enjoy your lofty explorations of the considerable vistas of the Far East in your attempt to usurp the falling dynasty of the Emperor in that period. There are impressive treasures scattered throughout this five reel video slot, and you will use the free spins, expanding wild icons and super spins features to unlock them all if your luck holds straight and true. Additionally, with the welcome bonus that you received for playing at this specific online casino, you have a shot at winning big without spending any of your actual money.

Among the many features, you can land a minimum of three Emperor Scatter symbols on the reels to get to the extra chances section given to you by the free spins feature. Now that you know with the scatter symbol does, let's check out what the wild Dragon symbols; first of all, they only appear on the third, fourth, and fifth reels and play a huge part in larger payouts. They also double your wins. If you happen to get to scatter symbols (emperors, that is) during the free spins feature, then you automatically receive a prize. This is a feature that just keeps on giving to, and that it can be re-triggered up to five times.

Next up is the Super Spins Feature. To start, you receive a triplet of super spins with their commensurate upgrades; since the scattered Emperor icons payout when they show up during the free spins round, they determine just how many super spins you receive. This is surely a game that's worth your time to play, given the 50,000 X payout as per the pay lines as well as the super spins feature in the free spins feature that can unveil multipliers and expanding wild symbols on the reels.

There is not yet that much information on the symbols in San Guo Zheng Ba Slots, but you can see that they are very colorful and extremely well detailed. There's a Jade and Blue Shield symbol, a bronze breastplate, a beautiful Chinese princess, a purple clad warrior, and emerald warrior, a mighty red Dragon and what looks to be a golden purple helmet. The background scene is awash in multiple colors and it looks serene. You get for beautiful Chinese princess icons across the reels, then the mighty red Dragon appears in the center real and flares up in all its glory for the win.

We expect more information to be released from Real Time Gaming as this relatively new slot picks up steam. You can beat us to the punch however by downloading the casino software and putting up a bit of cash for the chance to win tens of thousands of gold coins. Always remember to gamble responsibly, is nothing is guaranteed; play all of the pay lines and very your coin amounts from low to high – depending on your bank account and how much you're willing to use. Download tonight.