Secret Jungle Slots

Secret Jungle Slots is a throwback to the times when Mayans and Aztecs civilized and ruled the world from their humble origins in the Amazon rainforest. It is quite fitting that a video slot from software maker RTG would devise a game to honor the fallen Native American tribes, given how most casinos that are around today find purchase on Indian Reservations. It’s got 5 reels and 50 paylines of nighttime or daytime fun in store for you if you’re willing to take the chance at playing for free or for real money. In particular, this theme is distinctly from the Aztec - remember, there were actually three mighty American civilizations insofar as written history is concerned: the Maya, Inca and Aztec.

Since this is such a huge slot, it might be worth considering playing all 50 lines with a smaller coin amount than you’re used to. Being conservative here needn’t handicap you or limit your opportunity to win some major cash, since there are so many lines and you can bet at least $0.01 for each one. Thus, to bet on all the paylines for each game will cost you 50 cents on the lowest end and $250 on the highest end. It’s an inviting spectrum for a wide range of real money players.

As for the important symbols that cast a huge shadow over the game results, we first investigate the Wild icon. This is delineated by the Gold Idol with Jade accents; if you’re lucky enough to obtain a line up of five of a kind of this symbol, then you’re on the business end of a 8,888x payout. Furthermore, it substitutes for every symbol except the Aztec Pyramid Scatter. Four of a kind of the Wild Gold Idol leads to a 5,000x payout, three of a kind for a 500x payout and two of a kind for a 50x payout. Perhaps the best special ability of all is that the Wild triples your payout for more cash and prizes than most games offer.

There are two primary high paying symbols in Secret Jungle Slots: the first one is the Aztec Princess. Five of a kind of her is worth 1000 coins and the tripled payout that occurs with the appearance of the substitute symbol makes this 3000 coins. Four of a kind of the Princess at the base level gets you 500 coins, three of a kind gets you 50 coins and two of a kind gets you 3 coins. The second high paying symbol is the Aztec Warrior; five of a kind is good for a 1000 coin payout, four of a kind has you receiving a 250 coin payout, three of a kind a 75 coin payout and two of a kind a 5 coin payout.

The Aztec Pyramid Scatter symbol also delivers some wins when at least one appears; the bigger prize it brings, however, are free spins and multipliers for a prolonged game and thus more chances at winning. In fact, there’s the possibility you can get a 10x multiplier. We neglected to mention the jaguar icon earlier; five of a kind of this symbol is good for 500x your beginning bet, and it continues to deliver multipliers all the way down to two of a kind. The remaining symbols are the poker card numbers, and these all return adequate if small results in terms of gold coin wins. Look out for the Ace, King, Queen, Joker and numbers 10 and 9.

Secret Jungle Slots is available for real money gamblers, as well as a free version for speculators. You just need a Chrome or firefox browser to play the former, which runs in Flash. To play the latter and take advantage of House Welcome bonuses and Promotions, you will have to download the software and sign up.