Sweet 16 Slots

Sweet 16 Slots is a Real Time Gaming creation that has loads of fun built into the game; in fact, never mind the pink colors and feminine symbols - it's perfectly okay for online casino gamers of all genders to try their hand at it. The fun money mode is available; but the real fun is where the money's at (potentially). Sweet 16 Slots has 5 reels and an impressive 243 paylines, which translates to plenty of ways to win because of the statistical number of possible combinations. In case you haven't figured it out by now, it's a candy and celebration fest, and has turned your propensity for a sweet tooth into a heart-pounding adventure with lots of money at stake.

The symbols on the reels are all easily identifiable as sugary sweets and treats - most or all of which can be found on store shelves. You'll see the familiar favorite of school children all over the developed world with gobstoppers, lollipops, tarts, toffee candy, jelly bean and even wine gum - don't worry, it's a non alcoholic brand. As for payouts, get ready to be happy: Sweet 16 Slots is an All Ways Pay slots, which should probably have been obvious from the 243 paylines claim up above. This means that the symbols can appear in any order to deliver the commensurate payout to the player.

Additionally, Sweet 16 Slots has a special feature that other video slots lack - even the ones from RTG. When payouts are awarded to the player's account, the symbols perform a morphing function in which they can co opt new positions and lead to further wins - all without you using any extra spins! This mighty morphin act proceeds until there are no more winning combinations to be had. Clearly, one of the software engineers over at Real Time Gaming must have a daughter who turned 16, and served as the inspiration behind this particular slot.

Furthermore, there's a prize multiplier that aims to just keep on giving. Let's say you got a 1x free spin; this prize multiplier is capable of ratcheting this up to a 10x as it builds up for even more wins by springboarding off the first. The Scatter symbol lollipop has a part to play in this; we shall learn about its abilities a bit later on in full. That is to say, there's more that the scatter can do other than deliver 16 free games with which to chase your bid jackpot win; when they scatters show up, they can perform that laudable morphin ability between 2x and 20x times - with the x being the amount of your wager at the start of the real money game, which you can activate by downloading the casino software and funding your account.

Sweet 16 game logo is the substitute symbol, and it functions as a grouped wild icon that appears only on the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels and has the very special property that it can replace any other symbol except for the scatter to complete a winning combination. Speaking of the scatter symbol, any wins in which it is involved are multiplied by your total bet. If you land five pink lollipop scatter symbols on the reels, then your payout is 500 coins; if you land four pink lollipop scatter symbols then you get 10 coins; and if you land just three lollipop scatter symbols you win three coins.

There are many candy symbols in this video slot, and as such, they are grouped together to return the values prescribed in the pay table. Let's start things off with the highest paying ones. The multicolored gumdrop and the red kissable lips start things off. For five of the multicolored gumdrop symbols you win 500 coins; for four of the multicolored gumdrop symbols you win 100 coins, and for three of the multicolored gumdrop symbols you get a payout of 30 coins. For five of the red kissable lips symbols you win 250 coins on that pay line; for four of a kind of the red kissable lips you get 50 coins, and for three of the red kissable lips symbols you win a respectable 20 gold coins.

Next we have the Caramello filled toffee candy, and the multihued ball gum. For five of a kind of either one on the reels you win 125 coins, for four of a kind of either you get 30 coins, and for three of a kind of these you win 15 coins. Next in line we have the red peppermint candy in the blue swirl peppermint candy symbols; for five of a kind of either the reward is 100 coins; for four of a kind of either one at the peppermint symbols you win 25 coins, and for three of a kind of them you get 10 coins.

The next batch of symbols includes a brown, pink, yellow toffee candy and a red chocolate gumdrop - it really is a Sweet 16 party! For five of a kind of either of those listed candies you win 80 coins on the pay line; for four of a kind of either one the payout award is 20 coins, and for three of a kind you get five coins. Now the candies come in batches of three; we start out with a yellow jellybean, and then a pink jellybean, and finally and emerald green jellybean symbol. For five of a kind of either one of these three candies you get 75 coins; for four of a kind of anyone among this triplet of candies you win 15 coins, and for three of a kind of any of them you get five coins.

The final series of paying candy symbols includes a royal purple circle candy, and orange jelly drop, and a flat blue pancake candy. For five of a kind you get 60 coins, for four of a kind of any of these candies you win 10 coins, and for three of a kind you get three coins. To learn more about the rules in RTG Slots, just visit the casino website and navigate to the appropriate section entitled "Video Slots". From there, you can use the Instant Play option to play for fun money without any real financial obligation. Alternatively, you can choose to download the casino software and create an account; from there you can find your account with the deposit, and receive the casinos Welcome Bonus to begin playing for real money. Enjoy Sweet 16 Slots!