Secret Symbol Slots

Secret Symbol Slots is from world-famous slot makers extraordinaire, Real Time Gaming, and it takes you deep into the mystical Mayan jungles on the adventure of a lifetime. Or maybe it’s the Aztec or the Incan jungle - who can know for sure. Point is, this real money slot has the potential to make you a rich man or women if you download the casino software and play for real cash. Alternatively, you can just stick to the fun money version and enjoy the elite graphics and awesome gameplay with no financial obligation whatsoever.

Secret Symbol Slots has 5 reels and 25 paylines, which makes it a rather big slot that has more than the standard number of paylines (which is about 20, usually). As such, the laws of probability state that there are quite a few possible winning combinations; which makes sense, since the Aztecs were not a risk-averse lot of indigenous peoples. They were a warrior culture that also appreciated the fine arts, as can be seen by their magnificent temples that have mostly withstood the test of time in the wet jungles of the Amazon rainforest.

Secret Symbol Slots features the legendary Montezuma, who lives on in decoded writings that scholars have discovered and preserved for posterity’s sake, found in one of the many jungle temples. Montezuma serves as one of the prominent symbols on the reels. Some of the other ones include recognizable Aztec weaponry, limitless caches of gold bullion, exotic parrot birds and more. There’s a scatter symbol in the game, and it leads to more chances at winning cash and prizes. There’s also a wild symbol, and it can complete a winning combination by replacing any non-scattered symbols for an improved payout.

Some of the other symbols on the reels cover a sleek black panther - the fearsome cat of the jungle, which is capable of taking down even the strongest single unarmed man. There’s also an urn, some Aztec bongo drums, Montezuma’s headdress (it looks quite regal and befitting of a chief), and a necklace of trinkets and beads endemic to the fabled culture. There’s a Minor and a Major jackpot in the game, and both are quite rewarding - the Minor jackpot can deliver hundreds of dollars into your newly-formed casino account if you win it, and the Major can get you flooded with thousands of dollars - but only if you download the casino software and play for real money.

If you chance upon at least 3 scattered Pyramid symbols, then you’re in for a big prize with a delivery of 10 free games to your account, good for the current game. If, instead, the Aztec Chief Montezuma shows up, this is the substitute symbol and it can cover up the whole reel when he lands on the 2nd and the 4th reel. Then, any payouts that are commensurate with the symbols as listed on the paytable are paid out. Furthermore, the special symbols can also unleash a secret multiplier (not so secret now, we wager) that can either increase your wins by a factor of 2 at 2x, or by a factor of up to 20 at 20x. Even better, this particular feature can be activated again - or in online slots game parlance, “retriggered”. Play to find out more; but check out the symbol values as detailed below.

If the Wild Montezuma chief symbol appears five times in a row on the reels, then your reward is a very solid 10,000 coins. Unlike a few other high value Real Time Gaming slots, this Substitute symbol does not double the payouts of other symbol combinations. If, instead, you land four Montezuma symbols on the reels, then you’re rewarded with 1000 coins. For three of a kind, you get 500 coins and for two Montezuma icons the award is 50 coins on the payline. As the Wild, Montezuma can replace any other symbol except for the Scattered Pyramid for the payout.

High value symbols are always of interest to the real money players; and Secret Symbol Slots is no different. The Aztec Witch Doctor symbol starts things off with a bang; for five of a kind, he gets you 2000 coins as a payout. If the Aztec Witch Doctor arrives four times then you win 250 coins. For three of a kind, this symbol is worth 100 coins and for three of a kind you win 15 coins. The next symbols in line is the Glowing Idol. For five of a kind he’s worth 1000 coins; for four of a kind this combination gets you an award of 200 coins; for three Glowing Aztec Idols you win 100 coins and for two of a kind you win 10 coins

The last batch of the total of four high paying symbols begins with the sleek panther. For five panther symbols you win 500 coins; for four of a kind of the black jungle cat symbol you get 100 coins; for three of a kind the payout value is 30 coins and for two of a kind you get just 5 coins. Rounding out this batch of symbols is the jungle coral snake symbol. For five snakes you win 250 coins; for four jungle coral snake symbols you get 75 coins; for three jungle coral snakes you win 30 coins and for two jungle coral snakes you get 2 coins.

The low paying symbols begin with a bag of two: the parrot and Montezuma’s crest. For five of a kind of either one, you get 250 coins. For four of a kind of either the parrot bird or Montezuma’s trinket, headdress or crest (the image is rather dubious), then the payout reward is 40 coins. For three of a kind you get 20 coins. The next batch includes both an arrow head and a bowl of custard from the Aztec kingdom. For five of a kind of either, you win 200 coins. For four of a kind, you get 25 coins, and for three of a kind the prize is 10 coins. The last batch of low paying symbols includes the ancient parchment and the Aztec necklace; for five of a kind, you get 150 coins; for four of a kind you win 15 coins, and for three of a kind the prize is 5 coins.

Download Secret Symbol Slots today to take a trek back in time to the Aztec Kingdom, and perhaps unlock some of the mysteries that elude even today’s foremost scholars. The best part is that you get to have a lot of fund while becoming familiar with actual trinkets from a time long ago; in the real money option, you just might be privy to cash and prizes to enhance the experience even further. Download this video slot today and experience what everyone’s talking about.