Popinata Slots

Popinata Slots is a clearly Mexican themed slot, because the name is quite ethnic in origin. Because of the public demand for games of this variety, there are plenty of Mexican influenced pokeys online; the one thing that separates Popinata from the others is the lack of a distinct jackpot. To more than make up for this dearth, there are some really high payouts that come with the symbol combinations - so feel free to cast your lot in the real money pot by downloading the casino software for a chance to win. If you generally do not play for cash, then there’s a free to try Instant Play option that uses Flash; play a few rounds to understand how it all goes.

Popinata Slots has 5 reels and 10 paylines, which is somewhat rare in a world where most slots have 20, 25 or even 30 paylines (and some really large ones have 50 lines). This doesn’t detract at all from what it has to offer, though, because it is possible for real money gamers to come away with up to 250x - with x being the total wager you put down at the start - on a single payline. Although we will go over the symbol values here, they can be accessed quickly and efficiently by referring to the pay table in the game once you begin playing. Alo included are the multitude of special features and the opportunity to use Autoplay for an easy time of it.

As for the symbols, you’ll find some rather ethnic ones scattered all about. This includes things that are easily identifiable as having a Mexican or Spanish origin, such as peppers, Mexican sombreros, fireworks, a smiling donkey, pinatas and more. As an All Ways Pay game, Popinata Slots pays in both the right to left and the left to right directions. The smiling donkey serves as the substitute symbol, which means he can replace any other symbol to help you complete a winning payline. There is not a scatter symbol in this pokey, so keep that in mind - since there’s no jackpot, a scatter would be rather superfluous since that symbol usually whisks you to a bonus feature and grants free spins that give you more chances to play for the jackpot.

As for the wild symbol, the donkey can only show up on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels to replace any of the other symbols.Once he does so, he will turn into an Expanding Wild and cover the remaining reels to either side of it. Should several Expanding donkey wild symbols activate, then you’re in the Wild Re-spin attribute and that is very good luck, as it allows multiple prizes to be delivered. As stated earlier, it is the paylines that make Popinata a special slot since there’s no jackpot. The coin sizes matter ever more as a result, so choose to bet one cent, 2 cents, 5 cent, or 10 cents at a rate of a single coin per line in this Real Time Gaming slot.

And now, finally, we come to the symbol values in Popinata Slots. Will as is expected of a Mexican themed template, these symbols all have very much a South of the border look. Let's start things off with the green cactus piñata symbol; for five of a kind on the game reels, you win 250 coins as a payout. Next up is the four of a kind symbol combination, which is worth a payout award of 200 coins. Lastly, if you get three green cactus piñata symbols on the reels you win 50 coins. Unlike in many of the video slots released by Real Time Gaming, you do not get any payouts if either two or one single green cactus piñata symbols show up on the reels of Popinata Slots.

The second high-value symbol is a very red hot jalapeno pepper in the form of the candy filled piñata – it is quite the festive symbol, if you ask us. Since is just-in-time for the holidays, this symbol, for five of a kind on all five reels gives you 120 coin payout. If you get for of a kind of the red jalapeno pepper piñata symbol, then you win 60 coins. Lastly, for three of a kind you get 25 coins. Next we have the rocket powered purple firecracker piñata symbol; for five of a kind you get 60 coins for the win. If you manage four of a kind of the purple rocket firecracker piñata symbol then your reward is 25 coins. For three of a kind, finally, you win just 10 coins.

Where winding down now to the low paying symbols, and we start off with the bottle of tequila piñata symbol – the trend is probably clear to you by now. For five tequila piñata bottle symbols you win 50 coins, for four of a kind of this particular piñata symbol you win 20 coins, and for three of a kind you get five gold coins on the pay lines. Mexican musicians tend to be some of the finest guitar players on the planet, and this fact is inscribed in Popinata Slots. As you might've guessed already, the next symbol is a guitar piñata; for five of a kind you win 40 coins, for four guitar piñata symbols you get 15 coins, and for three piñata guitars your reward is seven coins.

The last of the regular symbols is actually a batch of two – similarly represented by a piñata representation. This last batch includes a Mexican symbol arrow hat and a ground beef taco; for five of a kind of either one the award is 25 coins flat. If you get either for Mexican symbol arrow hat piñata symbols or four ground beef taco symbols on the reels you win 10 coins. For three of a kind of either one you win five coins. As a final piece of information, the Popinata Slots wild donkey symbol only shows up on the second, third and fourth reels to replace all symbols and expand to cover the reels as a precedent to any payouts being awarded. There are no poker symbols in this game, so there's no need to worry about that.