Fu Chi Slots

You can tell by the name that Fu Chi Slots is an oriental-themed game. In fact, it harkens the Chinese New Year and is connected to the so-called Year of the Dog, which is prominent in that culture. As a 5 reel Progressive Video Slot with a whopping 50 paylines, one of the reasons it’s so popular is that it offers many ways to win. So you can feel confident casting your lot with this one, since it will likely provide you with a really good shot at some take home cash and prizes. The regional background consists of an ancient temple, and is highlighted by fireworks shooting off, as well as the recognizable Chinese lanterns floating above the scene.

Not uncommon for an Oriental Slot from none other than Real Time Gaming, this game has got animations that will delight. It’s definitely a celebratory slot, and it woos you with its many prizes and cash awards. You can bet, of course, on all 50 paylines as you wish, with a coin size starting as low as one cent; which ensures that this game appeals to all income brackets. Furthermore, there’s a range of 1-5 coins that can be bet per payline, assuming you wish to play for real money. Fun money is also available in the Instant Play section, where no download is required.

As for the cash and prizes; you have access to two jackpots. The Minor Jackpot is in the hundreds of dollars, and the second, Major Jackpot is in the thousands. They can be won randomly at any point during normal and elevated gameplay, so do not despair if you’ve been having an unlucky streak. The highest payment in Fu Chi Slots can amount to 30,000x your initial bet. To enhance the gameplay, you can get 30 Free Spins in the bonus feature round, and there are the obligatory Scatter and Wild symbols that bring joy to your household depending on the number of like symbols you can match on the reels. Speaking of symbols… What are the symbols in Fu Chi Slots? First and foremost, there’s the Wild dog symbol, which also acts as a substitute icon that replaces any other symbols except for the Scatter, all with the aim of completing a winning payline for the player. In fact, for reference, the Scatter symbol is the heavenly sphere known as the Zodiac, on which the constellations of the starry night sky are painted - or so it was believed in ancient times. Some of the lower paying icons are a bag of cash, a floating light lantern, orange fruit, Chinese hieroglyphs, lotus, etc. They all have their very own exclusive animations, and each one is simple dazzling to behold.

Let’s take a look at one of the more interesting aspects of Fu Chi Slots: the 30 Free Spin maximum. To tap into it, you require a minimum of 3 Zodiac Scatters to appear on the reels. For this number, you receive 15 free ones. For 4 Zodiac icons, that jumps up to 20 free spins, and for the maximum flush of 5 scatters, you get the full 30 free spins. Additionally, throwing a Wild symbol into the mix can have your wins experience the doubling feature. Now is the time you might want to win an actual cash prize!

The summation: If you have some cash to spare and you’re keen on flipping it, then download the casino software and play Fu Chi Slots tonight. It’s got two jackpots as well as a major, major Progressive that can leave you with 30,000x your bet in your casino account. Or, just play for Fun Money.