Cai Hong Slots

Unless you are Chinese or speak Mandarin, then you probably have no idea what Cai Hong means. Specifically, it refers to a turn of events or person that is light-hearted and creative, and has some deep roots in Oriental religion as pertains to a pantheon of gods. In fact, quite appropriately for a game that has to do with luck and slot betting, the God of Wealth features quite strongly here, and is a very special symbol that has the potential to unlock the riches embedded within Cai Hong Slots.

Speaking (writing, more accurately!) of luck; the Chinese lucky number 8 is everywhere in this video slot - even in the payouts per symbol combination. With 5 reels and 30 paylines, there's a wealth of ways to win here because of the possibility of so many combinations. Although free mode is available (fun money mode, as we like to call it), the coin sizes are low enough to entice you to play for real money and download the casino software. These sizes start at one penny, and increase in increments to two pennies, five cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents and $1 at the max end. There's only one coin allowed per line in Cai Hong Slots, and its pedigree is unquestionable: this is a Real Time Gaming slot.

The visuals are as impressive as they come, and fall just short of the famed Real Series or 3D slot genre. The gameboard looks like it is floating serenely in the sky, surrounded by cumulus and cirrus clouds to give you an ethereal feeling as you spin the reels in hopes of that big win that might change your life for the better. Just how good can the winning get? Try a whopping 50,000x, with the x being the amount you placed as a bet! It is truly a potentially life-changing amount even for those who already have a little bit of money. May the God of Wealth in Chinese lore smile upon you.

The richly-colored symbols in this 30 reel video slot seem to come alive when the game starts, and you'll recognize them immediately as the Chinese God of Wealth icon, the Dog, the Tiger and the Rainbow, for starters. Cai Hong, himself, is the God of Wealth, and he functions as the substitute symbol or wild symbol (same thing), which means that he can replace any other symbol to help complete a winning combination for the resulting payout as prescribed by the paytable. Furthermore, being such a lucky symbol means that he doubles the win - so you get twice as much as you would have otherwise received.

Earlier, we said that the God of Wealth wild symbol subs in for every other symbol; this isn't quite right - he cannot substitute for the Scattered Rainbow icon. This is a good thing, because when multiple Rainbow symbols appear, they activate the Free Spins Round to deliver a host of extra chances at grabbing those winning combos - they can also send you to the Bonus Game if at least three Scatters appear. More specifically, you can look forward to 8 free games and the doubling of payouts that is usually reserved for the wild symbol.

Now, in the free spins round, you will be introduced to a wealth of surprises: when you hit a combination of the three necessary scattered Rainbows, you can win up to 33 free spins as well as a 15x multiplier attribute that improves your payout dependent on the value of x coins you chose, by a factor of 15! There's a retriggering attribute, as well - you can continue to win more and more as time passes. Free spins are exactly like as if the casino House, itself, had reached into its own pocket to fund your chances at the big game jackpot. In the following, you will see how much the various symbols are worth in Cai Hong Slots.

For five of a kind of the God of Wealth Wild symbol, your reward is a magnificent 10,000 coins. For four of a kind of this icon, you still win 2500 coins in an albeit considerable drop off. If you get three God of Wealth symbols on the reels, the reward is 250 coins, and two god Cai Hong symbols gets you 10 coins. The prize, is of course, doubled, so there's that extra benefit. For the Scatter symbol, five of a kind is worth 500 coins; four of a kind of the God of Wealth is good for 20 coins, three of a kind gets you 5 coins and two of a kind is worth 2 coins. As a final attribute of the Scattered Rainbow, symbol, all wins in which it is involved are multiplied generously by the total bet you made at the beginning of the game.

For five of a kind of the Tiger symbol, you win 750 coins; for four of a kind, you get 125 coins, for three of a kind the value is 25 coins and for two of a kind you win 2 coins. If the Wild Cai Hong symbol appears with these various combinations, then five of a kind is worth 1500 coins, four of a kind is worth 250 coins, three of a kind gets you 50 coins and two of a kind is worth 4 coins. Basically, as stated earlier, the God of Wealth symbol doubles the value of the resulting payout, As pertains to the Scatter symbol, five of a kind results in a payout of 500 coins; four Scattered Rainbows get you 20 coins, three Rainbows are worth 5 coins and two Rainbows are good for 2 coins.

The high-paying symbols start off with the tiger; five tigers get you 750 coins. When the God of Wealth appears as one of the replacement symbols, this is doubled in value to 1500 coins. If you receive four Tiger symbols on the reels, the reward is 125 coins; when the God of Wealth also appears this is doubled in value to 250 coins. Should you be fortunate enough to land three Tiger symbols, then you win 25 coins; when Cai Hong shows up, this prize ends up being increased to 50 coins. Finally, when two Tigers appear you get 2 coins; Cai Hong's adjacent appearance alongside gets this ratcheted up to 4 coins.

The next high paying icon is the Rooster; which shows that cocks rule the world. For five Rooster icons you win 750 coins; Cai Hong doubles this to 1500 coins. For four Rooster symbols the award is 125 coins; the God of Wealth gets this up to 250 coins. For three Roosters you are awarded 25 coins; this is doubled to 50 coins with the appearance of Cai Hong. For 2 Rooster icons on the reels you win 2 coins; Cai Hong can let you enjoy 4 coins though if he graces the reels with a visit.

The final batch of symbols include several animals that Chinese legend holds dear. We start off with the Bull; for five bulls symbols you get 400 coins; for four bulls you win 100 coins and for three bulls the prize is 20 coins. If Cai Hong descends from Heaven on to the reels, then this reward is 800 coins. If the God of Wealth enhances the appearance of 4 bull symbols, then you get 200 coins, and if he bolsters the appearance of two bulls, you win 40 coins.

Next is the lucky rabbit symbol; for five of a kind, the reward is 250 coins. For four lucky rabbits you win 75 coins, and for two lucky rabbit symbols you get 15 coins. Cai Hong increases the appearance of five rabbits up to 500 coins; for four rabbits and Cai Hong you win 150 coins, and for three rabbits the prize is double to 30 coins. Finally we've got the grizzly bear; for five of a kind you win 250 coins; Cai Hong doubles this to 500 coins. For four grizzly bear symbols you win 75 coins; Cai Hong doubles this to 150 coins. For three grizzly bears you get 15 coins; Cai Hong doubles this to 30 coins. Cai Hong the God of Wealth Slots has many treasures to unlock; download and play today to discover them all.