Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots

Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots is from Real Time Gaming, and was released in mid 2018 to while the claim. It is a much deserved old to quite possibly the world's foremost classic rock 'n' roll musician who sadly passed at the tender young age of 17 on the same plane crash that killed Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper. With 6 reels and an amazing but appropriate 729 pay lines, the eponymous slot has plenty of ways to win for the committed casino gamer in the online space. Although there's an instant play option available, you really want to consider putting up some coinage to see how far you can extend your winning streak.

Ritchie Valens was also known as the California Kid, and the way this musical prodigy emigrated from Mexico to become a staple in the downtown music rose of Southern California's night scene. Somehow, Real Time Gaming has managed to get access to nearly the full playlist of this virtuoso, and allows you to pick which song of his you want to play when you land a multiplier symbol with the help of the expanding wild icon in the game. The theme is deafly nostalgic to anyone who listened to his tunes in the 1970s, and it is fitting that he is a prominent figure on Mount Rushmore of musicians in the rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame.

The symbols on the reels include a musical placard of Ritchie himself, a red and gold jukebox, a blue autograph book, tickets to see Ritchie play, the famous La Bamba record, the may shows irreplaceable green guitar, some old-time dancing shoes, a throwback speaker and microphone amplifier, and more. Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots has 729 pay lines because it is in All Ways Pays slot, in which the player has a choice of the game speed at the lower left hand side of the gameboard. You can also choose the Autoplay option right next to the speed buttons.

There's a very special attribute of Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots called the Feature Trigger. If you can manage to get a minimum of four scatter symbols in the left to right direction or in the right to left direction (remember, this is in All Ways Pay game), then you trigger the free games. These free games are improved drastically if you get either five or six scatters to trigger the feature.

The substitute symbol is Ritchie; if he shows up on the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels while you're playing the normal games, he can replace any other symbol except for the scatter in order to execute a winning combination. Furthermore, Ritchie is an expanding wild symbol that covers all the reels and enhances the payouts that are awarded by factor of two when he appears in a win. In fact, under certain conditions, Ritchie can even count once for scatters on the reels. The scatter symbol itself is the La Bamba record; if you manage to get six of them on all six reels, then you introduced to the feature game. If you get five La Bamba record symbols you still get the feature; for black La Bamba record symbols get you the feature, and three of them get you a single coin. Any of the wins in which the scatter symbol is involved are multiplied by the complete bet.

As for the paying symbols, well here they are: the first one is the Ritchie Valens record.. For 6 of a kind on the reels, you win a 1000 coin payout; this is double in value to 2000 coins if Ritchie Valens the musician Wild symbols shows up too. For 5 Ritchie Valens record symbols, you win 200 coins; along with the appearance of Ritchie the musician, this is doubled to 400 coins. For three of a kind of the Ritchie Valens record you get a 100 coin payout, which is doubled to 200 coins with Ritchie Valens the human. For 3 Ritchie records on the reels, the prize is 50 coins; which is doubled to 100 coins with Ritchie the substitute symbol.

Next in line is Ritchie Valens' green guitar as a symbol; for 6 of a kind, you win 500 coins; if Ritchie Valens the Wild appears also, this is doubled to 1000 coins. For 5 of a kind of the famous guitar that changed the landscape of rock n roll, you win 100 coins; this is doubled to 200 coins if the wild shows up too. For 4 of a kind, you get 50 coins, and for 3 of a kind, the award is 10 coins. Respectively these prizes are doubled to 100 coins for 4 and to 20 coins for 3 of a kind on the reels.

The old tv set symbol, for 6 of a kind, gets you 250 coins; this is increased in value to 500 coin if the substitute symbols appears. For 5 of a kind of the tv set, you win 75 coins; which is doubled in value to 150 coins with Ritchie Valenzuela. For 4 of a kind, the prize is 30 coins, which becomes 60 coins with the Wild symbol. For 3 of a kind you get 8 coins; this payout improves to 16 coins with Ritchie on the reels. In the final illuminating section of detailing the symbol values for Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots, we cover the lower paying icons for their symbol combination payouts.

Starting things off are the red record player and the pair of dancing shoes symbols. For 6 of a kind, either of these returns a payout of 200 coins; if Ritchie shows up with them this comes out to 400 coins. For 5 of a kind of either symbol, you win 60 coins, which is doubled to 120 coins with the appearance of Ritchie Valens. For 4 of a kind of the red record or the dancing shoes, this comes out to a prize total of 20 coins; Ritchies bolsters this to 40 coins. The final symbol combination amount for which you can win a payout is 3 of a kind; for this, you get 8 coins. Ritchies doubles it to 16.

The blue autograph book and the picture of Ritchie Valens are in this together; for 6 of a kind of either, the prize is 150 coins. When paired with Ritchie the Wild, this increases to 300 coins. For 5 of a kind you win 50 coins; this is doubled to 100 coins with the Wild icon. For 4 of a kind you get 15 coins, which can be improved to 30 coins if the Wild symbols shows up as a substitution device. For 3 of a kind, the prize is 5 coins, which is doubled to 10 coins with the substitute icon.

The final batch of symbols includes tickets to the Ritchies Valens show and the brown boombox speaker. Either one gets you the following payouts: for 6 of a kind, the award is 120 coins - if the Wild symbols appears, though, this is doubled to 240 coins. For 5 of a kind, you get 30 coins, which is doubled to 60 coins. For 4 of a kind, you win 10 coins, which is doubled to 20 coins if Ritchie the substitute icon appears with it. For 3 of a kind, the prize is 3 coins; 6 if the Wild appears. To truly get the most out of Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots, play for free for a short tie to get the hang of it; but then download so as not to waste your good luck in the fun money mode. Download tonight and gamble responsibly.