Lucha Libre 2 Slots

Just about every red-blooded male was a bit of a wrestling fan growing up - especially in the Western Hemisphere. After all, what’s more exciting than larger than life superheros performing super-athletic moves on each other with the agility of much smaller men? Lucha Libre 2 slots is the Mexican version of entertainment wrestling, and it preceded the North American variant by several decades. Real Time Gaming has successfully paid homage to these industry stalwarts with their highly graphic video slot that carries their namesake. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, the wrestlers Taco Malo and Guacamolio are at the center of it all in grand fashion.

There’s a free version of this slot that can be played without putting any money up; it is available through the Instant Play menu button on the online casino website. To play for money, download and bet between $0.01 and $0.25 cents on each payline. The symbols on the reels include a red pepper, a green bottle of tequila, a gold mug, a bottle with an amber liquid, a television set (how else are you supposed to watch the battles?), chips and dips, tickets to the actual fight, and a Lucha Libre 2 poster advertising the battle.

The Wild symbols are grouped in this game and represented by the wrestlers. They must be on the third reel in order to extravert their grouped feature during the normal round of games. Once luck smiles on you (if, indeed, it does), then the wrestler will expand to cover all the reels or double the resulting prizes. Taco Malo and Guacamolio are, specifically, the Wild symbols. The Scatters are represented by Wrestling Ring and the Red Mask of Taco Malo, and they are worth different amounts. The Ring, when five of a kind show up, is worth a 200 coin win; for four of a kind, the Wrestling Ring is worth 20 coins and for three of a kind it’s worth 2 coins. The Red Mask is worth considerably less; five of a kind equals a 25 coin payout, four of a kind equals a 5 coin win, three of a kind is good for 2 coins and two of a kind releases a payout amount of 1 coin.

There’s a Mask of Fiery Doom feature that is triggered when at least two Red Mask symbols line up on the prescribed reels. These masks are really quite important, as they can be held as constant on the reels while new ones show up as the game board continues to spin; thus, delivering improved wins. Check out the pay table to understand specifically which symbols need to appear to activate this gorgeous feature. There’s a free bonus round in addition to this one, and it can appear when you choose the appropriate finishing move at the prompt - even as you’re currently playing the current Mask of Fiery Doom.

There are two additional bonus features that you will want to try your hand at before leaving Lucha Libre 2 Slots: the Spanko Special and the Supremo Foot of Fury. In the first one, you can land up to 14 free spins along with a double multiplier symbol. Even if you’re not quite this lucky, you could still end up with 12 spins and a single multiplier value. The second special feature round is the Supremo Foot of Fury, and it grants the lucky entrant 10 free spins and a double multiplier along with a re-spin for a chance at more prizes.

The symbol attributes are as follows: the highest paying one is the golden goblet; five of a kind pays 1000 coins, four of a kind pays 250 coins, three of a kind pays 50 coins and two of a kind pays 5 coins. Next up we have the Lucha Libre 2 advertisement: five of a kind pays 250 coins, four of a kind pays 50 coins and three of a kind pays 25 coins. The bottle of amber liquid pays, for five of a kind, 200 coins; for four of a kind, it pays 30 coins and for three of a kind it pays out 10 coins. The chips and dips is equivalent to the show tickets; five of a kind of either pays out 125 coins, four of a kind of either one pays out 25 coins, and two of a kind pays out 5 coins. Lastly, we have the red pepper and the green bottle of tequila icons. Five of a kind pays out 100 coins, four of a kind pays out 20 coins, and three of a kind pays out 5 coins.