Eagle Shadow Fist Slots

If you've been a fan of kung fu movies for a while, then your almost certainly familiar with Eagle Shadow Fists – which is an action flick from the early 1970s that starred the Uber-famous action star from Hong Kong, Jackie Chan. The series of action flick first debuted imprecisely 1973, and was probably the first mainstream fighting movie that catapulted Jackie Chan into international stardom. Although it's true that it has been known by other names such as Not Scared to Die or the equally appropriate Fists of Anger, Eagle Shadow This is the name the producers chose to stick with once they transported the movie into the English speaking market.

Quintessentially a war drama, Jackie Chan really shines in Eagle Shadow Fists – which is part of the reason that master online Slots maker Real Time Gaming has decided to drum up the memories by turning this into a big time slot. The video slot is an apt ode to those action films of old, and it features some real live dramatic fighting scenes in the cut scenes in between the spinning of the reels. Don't get Up in the albeit fantastic diversions, however; your goal here is to spin to win – whether you've chosen to play for fun money in the Flash version of Eagle Shadow Fists Slots, or downloaded the casino software to try your hand at winning the cash and prizes.

The setup of the game is 5×3 grid – which is pretty common for a 5 reel, 25 active pay lines pokey. We will investigate the precise makeup of the symbol characters shortly, but you should know that the playing cards from the table game poker also service lower paying icons. You want to keep out on the one that gets you free spins (hint: it's the Scatter symbol) as well as the Punching Substitute symbol, which is perhaps more commonly known as the wild symbol. Jackie Chan of Hong Kong is really done justice in this RTG tribulation to the man of many talents and his esteemed movie career. The slots is excellent in gameplay, and is undoubtedly a visual salutation to his work on the Big Screen.

Keep in mind that although the number of active pay lines is a better-than-average 25, you don't actually need to play them all. You can choose the number of them that you like, and bet the number of coins and the coin denominations for each coin as you see fit. Of course, if you care to take advice from online casino gaming veterans, then you should know that they recommend playing all 25 pay lines – or whatever number is available – for any slot. This has the effect of opening up the full scope of probabilities to you; and you can very how much or how little money you wish to spend by altering the coin denomination.

Now here comes the big part: there's a random jackpot available, and is capable of reaching an untold value. It starts off at a considerable $5000 and progressively becomes larger – hence Eagle Shadow Fists Slots delineation as a Progressive Slot – until one lucky player from any casino hosting the game wins in all. In fact, this video slot is actually tied to several other Asian themed Slots, which means that the total tally can really be impressive. In the next section, we will check out what the symbol values are, and what you stand to win with various combinations.

Before we get to that part, however, consider the multitude of possibilities in increasing your bankroll with the symbol replacing wild icon in Eagle Shadow Fist Slots. This game has a double dose of prize rewards, and that when it replaces the normal icons it also doubles your resulting payout as prescribed by the pay table. Of course, the wild has to complete a winning combination in order for the prizes to manifest themselves. There is one symbol that the wild cannot replace; and that is the Scatter. However, the Scatter symbol is a paying scatter and it shells out some cash simply for landing somewhere on the reels. When three scatter symbols appear, it will activate the primary feature in the game, which is a free spins round. It's possible to rack up 20 free spins along with several varieties of multipliers once you get there.

There are a host of symbols on the reels that are reminiscent of the characters in the old action movie - which, of course, should not be surprising in the least. There’s a handsome antihero, a discernible bad guy with some serious martial arts skills, lovely damsel in distress, a blood knight (which is a fighter with loads of ability, but who is selfish and fights under no flag but his own - essentially, he fights purely to test his skills against great warriors). There’s Jackie Chan, himself, as the fighter king of the bunch; he wields a sword and looks ready for business in the service of good. The poker card suits are the low paying symbols that we’ll learn more about later on in this article.

The Wild symbol is the Fire Fist symbol, which is ostensibly Jackie Chan’s fist punching through the aether in furious fashion. This symbol is capable of substituting for any other symbols except for the Scatter when it appears to help complete a winning payline for the payout that is commensurate with the symbol combination. Additionally, when the Wild Fury Fist shows up, it doubles that same payout for even greater winnings.. For five of a kind of the Wild symbol on the gameboard, it unleashes the biggest jackpot in the normal games - a whopping 10,000 coins. For four of a kind of the wild icon, you win a 1000 coin payout; for three of a kind of the Fist of Fury in Eagle Shadow Fist Slots, you get a prize on the line of 100 coins. Lastly, for two Substitute symbols you win an award of 10 coins.

The Scatter symbol is represented by two action fighters engaged in a martial arts battle with an indigo blue background. This scene appears in some covers of the original films, so it’s definitely canon. Any scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet, and if you get lucky enough to get 3 scatter symbols on the reels simultaneously, then you’re rewarded with 20 extra chances at pursuing the big jackpot or the payouts attached to the symbol combinations on the reels. As for what the scatter symbol, itself, pays out, five of a kind gets you a 200 coin delivery. For four scatter symbols on the reels, you win 20 coins, for three scatter symbols the payot is 2 coins and for two scatters you get a paltry 1 coin.

After the Wild symbol, the high-paying symbols are the next ones we tackle. Starting off with the chief bad guy martial artist, five of a kind of this austere and menacing character gets you 5000 coins on the payline. For four of a kind, you win instead 500 coins; for three of a kind of the bad guy you get 50 coins and for two of a kind, the reward is 5 coins. The next such symbol is Jackie Chan in his younger, more ferocious days; for five of a kind of this symbol on the reels, you win 2500 coin; for four young Jackie Chan at the height of his powers icons, you get 250 coins; for three of a kind the prize is 25 coins, and for two of a kind you win 3 coins.

Continuing along, we have the sincere kung fu teacher symbol. For five of him on the play board, the award is 750 coins; for four of a kind you win 150 coins; for three of a kind you get 15 coins, and for three of a kind the prize is 2 coins. The farmer martial artist symbol is next, and five of a kind of him gets you 500 coins; four of a kind of the farmer fighter is worth 100 coins; three of a kind gets you 10 coins and two of a kind nets you an award on the paylines of 2 coins. The final symbol in the special characters realm is the lovely damsel in distress; presumably, she is Jackie Chan’s love interest. For five of a kind, she is worth 500 coins; for four of a kind she gets 100 coins; for three of a kind she gets you 10 coins and for two of a kind she is worth a solid 2 coins.

The poker card jackets are the low paying symbols, but of course are still worth a pretty penny should you be lucky enough to hit on symbols combos involving them. To this end, the Ace card jacket starts things off nicely, and the King and the Queen are packaged along with it when it comes to payout values. For five of a kind, you win 250 coins; for four of a kind you get 25 coins, and for three of a kind of either the Ace, King and Queen, you win 5 coins. There are no payouts for fewer than three of either. The final batch includes the Joker, the number 10 and the number 9 suits. For five of a kind of any of these on the reels, you win 100 coins; for four of a kind you get 15 coins and for three of a kind the prize is 5 coins on the payline.