Kung Fu Rooster Slots

For our money, this is simply one of the zaniest slots that we’ve ever had the pleasure of playing and then reviewing. You’ll have a lot of fun with this creative, 5 reel, 12 payline RTG creation. After all, it’s not every day that you get to be a Kung Fu rooster, training in the mountaintops above ancient pagodas to hone your crime-fighting skills. This rooster doesn’t just fight other cocks; he literally takes on enemies left or right - no matter their species. The origin of Kung Fu Rooster Slots is as an ode to the coming New Year, in particular, the Chinese Year of the Rooster. The martial arts aspect might seem frivolous to the uninitiated, but it’s actually central to the theme.

The symbols on Kung Fu Rooster Slots run the gamut of interesting icons. There’s a martial arts master monkey, for starters; he is the teacher of the mighty fighting rooster and knows even more about fighting than the cock does.The other symbols are rather hard to distinguish because they are Chinese art of an arcane nature; but we’ll give a try: there’s a blue and white Yin and Yang shield, as well as a red, dragon-hilted dagger. A pair of jade nunchucks are also on the board, along with a purple lady’s fan. The poker card jackets are present, too, which encompases the numerals 9 and 10, the joker, the queen, the king and the ace.

The Wild symbol in Kung Fu Rooster Slots is quite appropriately the Rooster symbol. He is also known in games as the substitute symbol, precisely because he subs in for most other symbols to help the player complete a winning combination for the payout listed on the paytable. The only symbol he cannot replace is the Scattered Monkey; which is appropriate from a story perspective since that is his Master. The Scatter symbol is sometimes called the Bonus symbol, because when three or more (usually) appear on the screen, the player is transported to whatever Bonus Feature is attached to the particular video slot.

Now, the Wild Rooster has a very handsome payout for symbol combinations. Starting fof with 5 of a kind across the reels, you win an impressive 2000 coin payout award. If you instead get 4 Rooster Wild symbols lined up on the reels, the prize is 1000 coins. For a line up of 3 Roosters you win 200 coins, and for just 2 Rooster substitute symbols on the game board you get a measly 15 coin payout. Obviously, the payoff is tied to the probability of getting a number of symbols lined up. The Bonus symbol Monkey also has some payouts associated with symbol combinations; for five Kung Fu Monkey symbols on the reels, you win 100 coins. If four Monkey Scatter symbols appear, then you win 10 coins; for three Monkey icons you get 3 coins, and for two Scattered Monkeys you win 2 coins. Additionally, the Monkey Bonus ensures any associated wins are multiplied by the total bet you made at the beginning of the game. As the Free Spins attractor, it can get you to the Final Trials Bonus Round for a chance to win an extra 25 Free Spins. Another boon to the obvious popularity of Conch Food Rooster Slots are the special game features contained within. First off, there's the Final Trials Free Spins feature that, if nothing else, prolongs the game for you. In fact, any bonus that you happen to corral while playing in the special round releases up to 25 free spins. Now, this feature cannot be re-triggered; which means that if a bonus symbol appears again while you're using one of the free spins, then it does not count to increase your tally.

Although all free spins can only be played at the pay lines and Wager of the triggering game, you still in the running for any other extra features – which does not count towards the re-triggering occlusion – during the game. In particular, this one is the Fire Claw Multiplier; it can be worth times three, times 10, or times 25 and there's a nonzero chance that it activates during the previous special feature. Any prizes one during the Fire Clock Multiplier section are worth X1 during the first of your free spins, X2 during the second of your free spins, X3 during the third of your free spins, and so on and so on for every single one of your free spins until you've used up your allotment.

Here come the symbol payouts; and we start with the Dragon dagger icon. For five gold and red Dragon icons on the reels, you win 1250 coins; for four of a kind of the unique red and gold Dragon dagger icon you get 200 coins; for three of a kind of the dagger you win 100 coins, and for two of a kind your reward is a 10 coin payout. The second high paying symbol is encompassed by the green nunchucks; for five of a kind your payout is a 1000 coin award; for four green nunchucks symbols you win 150 coins, for three of a kind you get 50 coins, and for two green nunchucks symbols there are five coins available on the pay line.

The next symbol is the blue and white yin-yang symbol on a golden shield. For five of a kind of this brilliantly detailed icon, the award is 500 coins. For four of the yen gained shield icon you win a 100 coin payout; for three of a kind you get 25 coins, and for two of these golden shields you win three coins. The yin-yang symbol is actually a motif of the feminine and the masculine; the masculine makes up the bulk of the symbol, with the dark in the center representing the feminine that is a part of the nature of any sexually dimorphic species of a certain minimum critical cognitive brain mass – basically, humans.

The final special symbol is the purple lotus flower fan; for five of a kind you win 300 gold coins, for four purple lotus fan symbols you get 75 coins, for three of a kind you win 15 coins, and for two of a kind you get two coins. The rest of the filler symbols consist of the poker card jackets from the eponymous table game.