Swindle all the Way Slots

Swindle All the Way Slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline whopper of a slot for the holidays! From none other than the cyber-famous Real Time Gaming, you know it's going to be a good one when you see the unmistakable RTG insignia at the introduction screen. The theme is that of a couple of Christmas scoundrels who are looking to take everyone's presents from underneath the lighted tree, making it a sad holiday for all the families. Your job is to stop these zany fools from carrying out their nefarious plans and thereby save the Christmas Day!

The thieves are the Wild symbol and the Swindle All the Way game emblem is the Scatter.This game is a bit on the large side, and so is replete with bonus features just waiting to be unlocked by the fun money or the realmoney player. Just remember; if you play for free, use the Instant Play button on the casino landing page - you do not have to enter the lobby. If you want a chance to win the fantastic cash and prizes, then download the casino software and make sure to sign up and make a deposit.

Now onto the good part: Swindle All the Way Slots is a progressive, which means that there's a boatload of money involved. Very much in the Christmas spirit, you can walk away with a life changing 82,500x amount of cash per every payline you bet on! There aren't too any slots capable of competing with that! Along the way, you can pick up multipliers and free games to prolong your run of good luck - or to give you multiple chances to start one. Veterans of casino video slots recommend betting on all 25 active paylines instead of varying them, in order to maximize your chances of winning. To control how much you spend in the real money game, simply choose from the available coin denominations.

Ths symbols all pay in the left to right direction, so be aware of this singular direction - Swindle All the Way is not an All Ways Pay pokey. There are a couple of dastardly thieves hiding somewhere on the reels, and if you can find them, the neighborhood community rewards you with 60 free games, along with some giant multipliers. As for the symbols on the reels, you'll find an angry, yelling reindeer, a portrait of the two robbers, the Swindle All the Way slots logo or game emblem, a newspaper detailing how the thieves escaped from the county jail, a red stocking and more. The poker symbols are, of course, present on the screen as well.

The Wild symbols, which are the thieves as we alluded to, have a high bounty: for five of a kind, the award for them on the reels is 2500 coins. For four of a kind you win 750 coins. For three robber symbols you get a prize of 75 coins, and the bounty on just two robbers nets you a solid 10 coins. The Wild subs in for every other symbol to complete a winning combo; there's one symbol that it cannot replace, however, and that is the Bonus or Scatter symbol. The Scatter is the Swindle All the Way Slots game emblem, and for five of a kind on the reels, it releases 250 coins into your casino account. For four Swindle All the Way Slots game emblems, you win 3 coins, and for two Swindle All the Way Slots logos you get 2 coins. All Scatter involved wins enjoy a multiplication by the total bet.

As anyone who grew up in the Western Hemisphere can probably empathize with, Christmas time is often associated with the Grinch that stole Christmas and his merry band of cantankerous minions. Don't let him dominate the holidays in the way that he wants to, which is to generally make sure that no one has any fun. Play Swindle All the Way Slots either for fun or for real money today - maybe, just maybe, you can be the one that comes away with the loot that the robbers intended to take. If you can manage to apprehend them by using the symbol combinations on the reels, then you will activate the bonus features as well as the multiplier symbols that can help catapult you into a new realm of riches this winter holiday season. With that said, let us check out the high paying in the low paying symbols on the reels.

In Swindle All the Way Slots, there's a barking brown dog with a collar on that is quite clearly the guard dog of wealthy patrons. Not surprisingly, then, he is the highest paying symbol in the game that is not a special symbol. For five guard dog symbols you win 2000 coins on the pay lines; if you manage to land for of a kind of the brown guard dog symbol you get 500 coins; for three guard dog symbols you win 50 coins, and for two of a kind the award is a five coin payout.

The next high paying symbol has values that are in the top stratum. It is the orange bag of loot that the robbers seek to get their hands on to rob you of a Merry Christmas. Fittingly, then, five of a kind of the orange new bag get you a plentiful payout of 1000 coins on the reels. If you get for of a kind of the orange blue bag, then your payout is 200 coins instead; for three of a kind of the orange loopback you win 20 coins, and for two of a kind you get five coins for the holidays.

Lastly for the relatively high paying symbols on the reels is the red stuff stocking which reads "Rich"; five red stuff stocking symbols are worth a 500 coin payouts; for red stocking symbols get you 125 coins; three of a kind are worth 15 coins and two red stuffed stocking symbols get you two coins. Adjacent to this is a batch of two symbols with the glass of milk and chocolate chip cookies (together), and the newspaper that reads Escaped Confident; for five of a kind you win 250 coins, for four of a kind of either of the two symbols you get 30 coins, and for three of a kind of the same you win 10 coins.

The poker card jackets make an appearance in this Real Time Gaming Holiday slot. They come in triplets, and start off with the Ace, King, and Queen symbols. For five of a kind of either one you win 150 coins as a payout; for four of a kind of the King, Queen, or Ace jacket you get 20 coins; and for three of a kind of the above listed you win a five coin payout. The final batch of poker symbols is the 10, the 9, and the Joker; for five of a kind you get 75 coins, for four of a kind of either you win 12 coins, and finally for three of the 10 symbol, or three of the 9 symbol, or three of the Joker symbol, you win what seems to be the standard five coin payout - although it is more than you get for the milk and cookie and newspaper symbols.