Top Sites

Writing an article like this could take days – weeks, even – if we were to include all the highlights Australia can offer. With so many great places to visit, including the Outback, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and many more, whittling them down to a few top sites is tough.

Never let it be said we didn’t try, though. Here are our top picks for places you shouldn’t miss.

Sydney, the Opera House, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge

This city is fantastic, offering the famous Opera House and the chance to walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge among other things. If you have a head for heights, make sure you take on the Bridge Climb. The Summit is the best option, giving you a chance to climb 1,332 steps and to enjoy 360-degree views over the city.


Situated in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, this iconic sandstone rock is often used as an iconic image representing the entire country. Get there early to witness the sunrise over the famous rock, or late to witness the sunset – ideally both if you can manage it. There are plenty of walks you can tackle, including the Uluru base walk and the Valley of the Winds.

Great Barrier Reef

A World Heritage Site and rightly so, the Great Barrier Reef is made up of over 3,000 smaller reefs to create the entire thing. You can see it from the air or from a boat trip, offering two ideal methods to witness the beauty that is the largest coral reef the globe can offer.

Alice Springs

This is the perfect town to visit for those wishing to learn more about the Outback. There are plenty of activities you can book here, including a trip in an air balloon to see the town from above, not to mention its many surrounding attractions. Another highlight is the Alice Springs Desert Park, where local creatures can be seen. Don’t miss the chance to take a Nocturnal Tour in the park either, to see it in a different light. Or should that be a lack of light?

Where would you head for?

There are many other places to visit across Australia, of course. Where would you want to go first? Planning a long trip is almost a given when the country has as much to offer as this.