Cai Bling Slots

We can give you the answer to that already - it's a firm yes. Bling means riches or jewels, and you'll see some of those in this game. Cai Bling has a cool title, but we can confirm its coolness shows in other ways as well.

If you're ready to play, hold on until you've gone through each segment of our full slot review. It's ready for you to read here.

Do we know who developed this game?

We do - the team comes from Realtime Gaming or RTG as they're also known. That gives it a strong pedigree from the start.

There is a practice version as well

Some developers only make their games available in real mode. However, RTG gives us a demo here, as is always the case with their games.

What's the theme about?

With bling mentioned in the title, it's obvious we're going to see lots of riches involved in this game. Gold features heavily, along with other elements that point to a Chinese theme. We're getting a mix of both here and it works well.

The design looks good too

Modern slots from RTG never disappoint with the design. This one is certainly impressive, offering lots of superb features and symbols to suit the theme. White cats and dragons are there to find if you're fortunate…

The basics for the Cai Bling online slot

We have five reels here, and these are set into a busy screen. We say busy because there are four jackpots involved too, displayed over to the right of the reels.

We've seen some screenshots from the game and we're happy to confirm there are two wild symbols involved in the action. The white cat is thought to be lucky among the Chinese, and it could be for you here as well as it's a wild icon. The second one is the dragon, glorious in green. Both have a WILD label on them.

We also have a scatter to look for. Think of a lotus flower resplendent in jewels and you'll know what to look for. Mind you, since this is labeled too, it's simple to see.

The 5 x 3 format gives us some way wins

With that format in play, it means there are 243 ways to collect prizes on every spin of the five reels.

The lucky number eight tells us your bet amount

With way win slots, we always choose a coin and play it the required quantity of times to get the total wager. Here, the game requires eight coins for each spin. You might know that number is said to bring good fortune in China. Maybe it will for you too? Coins go from one cent to 50 cents, so you can use the 8x multiplier to work out how much to bet here.

Paytable details for Cai Bling

The paytable gives you more info on all the available icons, their values, and what you might encounter during the game. Be sure and read it before playing.

Bonus golden icons also come into play

The jackpots are on the right of the reels, but over on the left you'll see some other symbols. These are golden symbols and there are five of them. Could you benefit from their powers during the game? Cai Bling certainly is packed with surprises.

You can secure some free spins too

Cai Bling revealed the free game potential in another screenshot, which happened to highlight eight freebies in play. There is that lucky number again! Scatters are the way through to these, as you would expect them to be.

No RTP released just yet

That might change, but most RTG slots aren't released with this information, so don't count on it.

We love the Cai Bling slot game

Enough to give it 9/10 as a score, too. With special symbols, golden symbols, free games, and jackpots, it's difficult not to like this one, isn't it?

Watch out for some jackpot winners

Yes, there are four amounts ready to be claimed, but who might manage to do that? Everyone is hoping to receive the largest one, but the others each represent cool amounts as well.

Start with the demo of Cai Bling slots

Playing any slot game for the first time is challenging. This one is arguably more so, as there are so many features involved. So, by choosing the practice version, you can see how it all works and figure out whether you like it enough to bet on it with real coins.

Eight cents allow you to play for real

Just eight cents give you the lowest bet to place on a spin. It covers all 243 ways and gives you some insight into how Cai Bling works.

RTG casinos have the game on mobile too

The mobile format works on Android and iOS devices, so use your tablet or smartphone to access the world of Cai Bling today.