Mardi Gras Magic Slots

Do you like to party? If so, then you will be well aware of the annual Mardi gras festivities that make their home in St. Louis, Missouri. Having roots back to Cuban Santeria and Jamaican Voodoo (really West African Voodoo if you trace it to its roots), RTG has really exploded onto the scene with their latest ode to something special. Mardi Gras Magic Slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline pokey that has many attributes for the real money gamer. You will find many chances to grab Free Games, using the robust Bursting Substitute symbols and the scatters; the latter can lead to the so-called Random Prize Award.

For a little bit of background regarding this latest RTG venture, it is helpful to know that Mardi Gras actually stands for "Fat Tuesday". The third day of the week - remember, the week actually begins on Sunday - holds special significance in Hispanic communities, much of which has been adopted in countries all over the planet. Although the particulars vary a great deal, the holiday consistently involves the donning of festive costumes and the making of much food by the women or by professional caterers. In Mardi Gras Slots, the character of those suites is preserved, and you will find that the symbols on the reels maintain a similar festive appeal as in the offline space.

In addition to the fantastic and familiar 5 x 3 grid play and thematic visuals you will experience a blistering soundtrack on Mardi Gras Magic Slots. Partying and dancing are in the air tonight, as can be seen by the festive background of blazing lights and good times. But do not let the fireworks distract you, for the it is the gameplay that is truly awesome (potentially). Play Flash for free, or download to fully enjoy what this 5 reel pokey has to give you. The rest of this review will delve into the details.

Mardi Gras Magic on Mobile: Symbols and Wagering Details

Exactly how much can you afford to wager on Mardi Gras Magic Slots - assuming that you have chosen to play for a shot at tangible cash and prizes, instead of for the fun money that's relegated to the free Flash mode? Well, it's all in the betting standard: the smallest you can wager is 25 cents, and the highest amount that you can wager is $6 and 25 cents. These amounts are listed per spin; to find out how much per line, just divide by 25. Thus, that's a penny per line and 25 cents per line; you can play as few or as many lines as you wish down to the minimum and up to the maximum. There are some very good reasons for playing the real money game if you can afford it - or if you are so inclined to gamble. Although it's not one of the more modern mega-Slots, you can still win a whopping 20,000 x whatever you stake in the beginning of the real money game; can you just imagine what it would be like to win 800 times whatever you bet? It's a game of chance, and so anything is possible once you download.

As for the few available details regarding the symbols on the game board, you get to handfuls of icons that are capable of paying out as long as you line up the right combinations. The low-paying symbols are poker card suits, and the higher paying symbols include alcoholic beverages - specifically cocktails - and a bevy of beautiful ladies dressed for the carnival festival. Every single symbol on the reels pays out with a minimum of three of a kind, and a maximum of five of a kind. The substitute symbol is traditionally responsible for replacing a regular symbol, thus completing the combination that results in a payout.

Bonus Rounds Are Here in Mardi Gras Magic Slots!

For all of its many positive attributes, this Pokey is not well-known for having a slew of special features. With that said, it does have some of them that go above and beyond the industry-standard - including the so-called Bursting Substitute bonus feature, the Random Cash Prizes feature, random wild symbols and scatter symbols as well as Free Spins (the latter are courtesy of lining up the appropriate number of scatter symbols in a row). As for the Random Cash Prize bonus feature, the game is set up such that it can be activated on a single spin during the base game play. Because Marty Grant Magic Slots is a low volatility and medium variance pokey, you will be delighted to know that you stand a pretty good chance of winning small prizes often.

As the game proceeds, you'll find that the Bursting Substitute bonus feature and the Random Substitute bonus features work in tandem to really dominate the gameplay. Together, they can appear in the bonus section and the base game, and when they do so they do so at random. Keep an eye out for the Venetian Mask icon because it is capable of changing any of the other game symbols into a symbol combination payout-enhancing wild icon. For the record, if you're able to land a 3, 4, or 5 scatter icon at the same time, this will trigger the Free Spins bonus feature. From here on out, you will be rewarded with 10, 15 or 20 free spins - which correspond to extra chances at playing. There's also the possibility of re-triggering this feature when a minimum of three scatter icons show up anywhere on the game board.

In closing, you might find it useful to know that many players have rated Marty Gras Magic Slots a playability score of 10 on the most popular message boards. It shows that many players have been winning at this game, and that the game is equally available for both the Android and Apple iOS mobile platforms. Players seem to love the ability to play for free without downloading, as well as the alternative to download and have a chance to beat the previous course and take home a lot of money for your efforts. The many random prize awards is also been touted as a huge benefit for attractiveness. So, if you're looking for a 5 reel, 25 pay line pokey to bring in the 2024s, then Real Time Gaming's Marty Gras Magic Slots just might be the one for you - download tonight.