Cleopatra's Gold Slots

Ancient Egypt is widely-known to possess cherished artifacts and have a storied history of intrigue. Cleopatra's Gold slots is an online game that tries to preserve much of this, while bringing you some fun intertwined with the light history lesson. Welcome to the reels that have one of the world's greatest civilizations inscribed on the paylines! It's got 5 reels and 20 paylines that are accepting of players of all income levels, given that you can bet as little as a penny or as much as $5 on each of the lines. That's 100 big ones per game if you're willing and able.

In the game template, you'll be transported back through time to the golden sands of Egypt, where the pyramids and Sphinx have just been constructed by legions of imperial workers. In case you didn't know, Cleopatra was queen of all the land for a time, after the death of her beloved Marcus Aurelius Caesar. She ruled with grace, beauty and an iron will, after the man who taught and instilled those qualities within her. She's willing to part with some of her gold if you get the right symbols to appear on the board, so play without a heavy heart. The game gives you free game on the way to a huge progressive jackpot. Free slots are also available, though, so you don't have to play for money.

The scatter symbol is the great pyramid, and the wild symbol is Cleopatra. She can replace all other symbols as necessary to help complete a winning payline; but she cannot replace the pyramid. The actual gameplay is very straightforward, given the AutoSpin feature. Of course, you can choose a more hands-on option to ratchet up your excitement, watching the reels spin towards the desired symbol combinations. Bet on either one reel, a few reels, or all 25 in order to maximize your probability on your end for winning. Manage the coin amount you use to make sure you've always got enough in your deposit account to keep on playing until the big one hits.

Before you go, be apprised of the fact that when the scatter symbol produces a combination, the winning amount is doubled in value. If at least three of the scatter symbols show up on the playing board, then you get to play the free games feature of Cleopatra's Slots. This is a big deal, because you could get tripled prizes out of it, as well as a useful 15 free spins with which to continue playing in an attempt to win more cash and prizes. The beauty of this slot is that no matter where you are in the game, how much you've won or lost, as long as you keep on playing, the progressive jackpot just might randomly appear and change your life forever. It doesn't even matter how many coins you bet on the reels.

The rest of the symbols, besides the Cleopatra wild and pyramid scatter, serve other functions on the reels. There's an Egyptian cat symbols, as well as an ankh, bracelet and poker symbols nine through Ace. Keep an eye on your balance at the top left of the screen, your total bet in the middle top and how much cash you've won on the top right. The steady increase of the random jackpot is right beneath these, so you can get excited as you continue playing but haven't won the progressive yet. Well, that's all - download and play Cleopatra's Gold if you're game for winning some cash, or play for free if you're not. It's available right here at your favorite online casino.