Golden Lotus Slots

Golden Lotus Slots is a five reel 25 pay line video slot from none other than Real Time Gaming. It is one of those awesome themes that celebrates an important point in Chinese history - in this case, the Year of the Tiger. If you have any knowledge of the more esoteric aspects of Chinese culture, then you are aware of the fact that the number eight is considered very lucky. This reality is featured very nicely in the slot and that the jackpot is worth a nifty 8888 coins.

In addition to the special Golden Lotus Jackpot, there are also multiple random jackpots, three games to be awarded, wild and scatter symbols, and an exuberant bonus feature. The game screen is set up very well for you to find things easily. The bet button is at the lower left-hand corner, the autoplay feature is right next to it, and on the right set of that is the option to choose the number of pay lines which to play. The last button resides at the bottom on the right-hand side: it is the spin button.

The dollar amounts for the points take into account just about every playing style. If you are conservative, then the option to bets one cents per pay line is available; the maximum bet on each line is a full five dollars which means that if you make the decision to play all 25 pay lines each spin, then the min minimum total bet's $.25 and the maximum total bet is $125 around. It is pretty standard for these types of video slots to pay from the left or right; the Golden Lotus scatter symbol, however, pays in any direction. In the following, you'll learn what the symbol amounts are.

First of all, the special symbols: if you can get the Golden Lotus wild symbol on the reels five times at once, the 8888 coins are yours - this is a huge win! If four wild symbols show up, the award is 888 coins. Three wild symbols are worth 88 coins and two wild symbols are good for eight lucky coins. The next special symbol is the scatter - which is represented by the white Lotus icon. It cannot be substituted for by the wild symbol, and any associated wings are multiplied by the total bet. If five white Lotus symbols show up the reward is 500 coins, for symbols next 30 coins, three symbols gives you three coins, and two white Lotus scatter symbols results in a one coin win.

Now onto the regular symbols. The purple Chinese character is worth this much is the substitute symbol when five of them show up: that is, 8888 coins. Four of this character is with a good 750 coins, three of them are what 75 coins, and two of these characters equals five coins. The Chinese lady with a fan symbol returns 1250 coins for five of her, 500 coins for for her, 50 coins for three of her, and just three coins for two of her symbols on the reels.

Let us cover three symbols at once since they are all worth the same. The green Chinese Dragon, the lighted pagoda, and the adorned vase are all worth 800 coins if five ones of a kind appear on the reels. If four of any of the symbols shows up on the reels, then the player gets 200 coins. Lastly, three of the symbols is worth 20 coins. As is the case with nearly every video slot, the poker symbols are the lowest paying icons. Both the ace and the king pay the most in this category; five of either is good for 300 coins, for them for 100 coins, and three of them for 10 coins. The Queen and the Joker are in the same class and five of them are worth 200 coins, four of them 30 coins, and three of them five coins. The lowest of the low are the 10 and the nine; five of them are worth a hundred coins, four of them 25 coins, and three of them five coins. No matter which symbol is involved, the Golden Lotus substitute symbol will double the associated payouts.

The last attractive reason to play golden Lotus slots for real hard cash, is the free games feature - of which there are two. The first one is the White Lotus free game; you win eight of these games right away if a minimum of three white Lotus icons appear on the reels. Additionally, it's possible to win up to a 5X multiplier, as well as an automatic conversion of every single white Lotus up on the board into a golden Lotus substitute symbol. If you are fortunate enough to have three of these appear, then you can be trigger any free spins that you've already won using the scatter symbol earlier.

The Golden Lotus Chinese garden feature can be activated from within the previous feature. When this occurs, you are whisked away to a new pond scene. Once here, you have to choose from the Golden Lotus blossoms that are floating on the pristine water. Some of the available prizes are free games, multipliers, or a huge 100 X your bet prize. We mentioned earlier that there were also random as well as progressive jackpots; these are in addition to the prizes that we just spoke up. Download the magnificent Chinese themed Golden Lotus slots today.