Triple Twister Slots

Once you get a load of Triple Twister Slots, you will be drawn into the world of Real Time Gaming. The symbols are very cutely drawn, and endearing enough to encourage you to pay attention to both the onscreen shenanigans of the farm animals, looking all scared and pensive as one of the famous twisters of the Midwest bears down upon them, as well as the steadfast farmer and his alarmed wife. More importantly, Triple Twister Slots has five reels and a gigantic 50 pay lines; along with this come wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins and multipliers to enhance the gameplay in this Progressive Jackpot slot.

Assuming you play every single pay line and bet the minimum penny on each one, then your total minimum bet will be just $0.50 – which opens up this slot for conservative players. If you play the maximum bet, then the total amount is still very much within reach of most people's bank accounts: $12.50 for full round. The farm theme is reminiscent of the American Midwest, and the symbols are eminently recognizable with a farmer, the farmer's wife, a border collie dog, a cow, a bale of hay, an old truck, the barn and the threshing mill.

In addition to being an awesome desktop PC video slot, Triple Twister Slots also functions admirably on a mobile device of your choosing. That means if you have a Windows phone or tablet, an android phone or tablet, or an Apple iOS device, then you ought to be able to fire up this RTG slot with little trouble. Being able to play such games on the go is really revolutionize the online casino gaming space; it's actually been responsible for loads more traffic to the top sites and below.

The Hurricane Twister is the substitute symbol and it replaces every other symbol by appearing on the third real except for the scatter. The Twister Wild is one of those expanding wild's, and that it will cover every single position on the reels in order to payout your winnings. Even better, the Twister triples the payouts when at least one of them shows up to help complete a winning combination. The Weather Vane is the Scatter symbol; if you get five of them then in addition to winning 33 coins, you are also whisked away to the games Feature Bonus Round. Getting either four or three Weather Vanes also get you to the Feature Bonus Round.

The erstwhile farmers the highest paying symbol in the game; for five of a kind of the farmer you get 3333 coins – remember, if the Twister Wild symbol subs in for one of the symbols and the prize is tripled to 9999 coins. If you get four farmer symbols then your award is 333 coins, three former symbols returns a result of 33 coins and two farmer symbols get you six coins. Next up we have the farmer's wife; she's worth the same as the farmer, himself – even though he's clearly more important to the proper running of the farm. The only difference comes if you get just two farmer's wives on the reels; then your reward is just three coins instead of the six coins that the farmer brings for two.

Now we have the barnyard symbol; five of a kind gets you 333 coins, four of a kind get you 150 coins, three of a kind get you 12 coins, and two of a kind get you three coins. We start off the lower paying symbols with both the cow and the scared pig; five of a kind get you 333 coins, four of a kind get you 60 coins, three of a kind get you six coins, and two of a kind gets you three coins. Now the game is really moving and combining as many symbols as feasible. All three of the following are worth the same amounts: the border collie dog, the threshing mill, and the tractor trailer – five of a kind of each get you 150 coins, four of a kind gets you 33 coins and three of a kind gets you a solid five coins.

Lastly we have the farmers truck, the bale of hay and the wooden slop bucket; five of a kind get you 99 coins, four of a kind get you 20 coins and three of a kind get you five coins. All of the symbols, when they appear in the right numbers, result in a payout going from the left to the right directions – even the Weather Vanes scatter symbol in this game does that. This just about sums up the awesome Triple Twister Slot game; download the casino software and create an account in order to fully enjoy it with real money play. Or just go to the website to play for free.