Bulls and Bears Slots

The name of this 5 reel, 25 payline slot is a nod to the animals that are used to describe the state of the stock market. If it's s down year, and there's not much investing because people are saving, then it's called a bear market - which means it's slow going. If it's a time of exuberant investments, it's called a bull market and the stocks outlook is known as bullish. Realtime Gaming has really stepped it up with this, as you can see by the many things it offers below. You can count on a double dose of random jackpots, as well as free spins that pay out triple the amount of the average slot. There's the so-called wild symbol, too, which works in conjunction with the scatter to increase your win percentage and the amount of cash you receive from those wins.

Just like in real life, where mutual funds, hedge funds and money market accounts play roles in the well-diversified portfolio, Bulls and Bears Slots has a hedge fund that keeps a swath of money that can be accessed in the Feature Guarantee game. This amount is dependent on the risk you undertook when you first bet at the beginning of each betting round. When you wager here, just pick one of the coin sizes; these can be as low as $0.01 or as high as $1 per line. Since there are 25 paylines, this starting bet could be between a quarter and $25 for the current game.

Besides reading this article, if you really want to know all that the game has to offer, see the Bulls and Bears slot pay table right on the board after you log in and start gaming. The symbols on the reels are indicative of tremendous amounts of wealth; someday some of this will hopefully be yours to claim. You're surely familiar with the various symbols of Wall Street, right? If not, check out the movie, Boiler Room to get an idea of the high stakes involved when there's so much cash coming down the pipeline. There's a very happy millionaire (male) symbol, gold bullion, metal safe, red sports car, cash and more on the pay reels. If you're the type to sit back and relax while nature takes its course, then use the autoplay feature. This lets you game while multitasking with the other duties of your life.

There are two wild symbols in this slot: the bear and the bull. These gigantic animals are both bulky and fast - in fact, the bear is faster than the bull by a little bit - but bear means more nearly slow in this context. The bear wild symbol shows up on the 4th reel and the bull shows up on the 2nd reel; they both can replace all other symbols except for the scatter to put the icing on the cake for a winning payline, from which you then receive the cash prize. Whatever you win gets doubled in value when one of the wilds appear; when both do, you get a quadruple amount. They have to be on the same payline in order for this to apply.

Before you leave here and go play, be informed of the powers of the scatter symbols. Three stock chart symbols can get you anywhere from 5 to 15 free games, and all the wins you make are tripled in value. Bulls and Bears Slot is a winner in our eyes - and here's to wishing you good luck in the real money version.