Dirty Martini Slots

There's nothing quite like the evening martini for the average overworked professional in many countries around the world. Apparently, this is such a pastime that software designers saw fit to make Dirty Martini Slots as an ode to the alcoholic beverage. Once you see what the slot looks like, you'll be reminded very much of the actual, physical machines at your favorite Las Vegas offline casino. It's got the symbol arrangement of the Classic slot machine style, and avoids the bells and whistles of the 5 reel video slot that's so popular in today's online space. Towards either end of the screen are the Autoplay and the Spin buttons, which are slightly raised (graphically) to give you the impression of three dimensionality.

The most important thing about slots for people who play just for fun is the visual appeal - if the book cover doesn't look enticing, then there's less chance you open it to see what's inside. So if you're looking just to have fun, then although Dirty Martini slots can grant you a bit of it, you're probably better off looking for an i-slot at this casino. However, if you're in it to win it, then let these dazzling beverages put your bank account into the blue with its awesome payouts and simple to learn interface. For example, five of the scatter symbols here deposits 10,000 coins into your casino account.

What are the icons of note in Dirty Martini slots? There is, of course, a so-called dirty martini as a symbol. Next, there is an assortment of fruits like the lemon, red cherry, citrus fruits orange, strawberry, green lime or avocado, coconut and pink champagne glasses. The dirty martini is the wild symbol, and it substitutes for every other symbol on a winning payline; that is to say, it helps complete that payline to make it a winner by knocking off the symbols that don't help in this regard. The only symbol that the dirty martini cannot replace is the gold coin scatter symbol. Additionally, the wild martini also ushers in a prize doubling feature, so your bet is worth 2x when it appears in the fore-mentioned winning combination.

The wild is not the only symbol that brings gift; the scatter gold coin also has some special abilities. If a minimum of three of them appear on the reels, you're awarded 15 free games - and it doesn't matter where the scatter coins show up, as long as they do so at the same time. As an added benefit, whatever other prizes you win during the use of the free games is tripled in value. The free games are subject to the retriggering feature, too, which means that you can continue stacking up the free games by winning more of them in the midst of playing the current one. The new ones, just like the current free games, are all played at the beginning of the triggering game and at the paylines.

There's a progressive jackpot in Dirty Martini slots, which really ups the ante for casino gamers who are interested in the big money pokies. The paytable shows you all the rules and symbol values, so be sure to take a look at it once you download and start the game. You can be as little as $0.01, or as much as $5 per payline. With 20 paylines, this amounts to a pretty penny per game if you go for maximum expenditure in both dimensions. There's a continuous spin function if you multitask; your luck should remain the same no matter how you play. Download Dirty Martini Slots for a nice whirl; there's tons of money waiting to be claimed by the fortunate.