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Before we reveal our choice of good luck tokens, we should point out that there is no evidence any token of any kind can bring good fortune to those who use it. However, some players do like to have something like this close at hand. Bingo players use them, people who buy lottery tickets use them (especially lucky numbers), and people playing pokies at Fair Go Casino use them too.

We thought it would be cool to pick some of the most popular tokens around today. Maybe they won’t bring you the good fortune you are looking for, but some people find it irresistible to use such tokens. Does that apply to you?

Four-Leaf Clover

You’d surely be lucky if you found a real one, as they’re tough to locate in a sea of clover anywhere you find it. Fortunately, you can get good luck charms shaped like clover, rather than hunting for them on your own.

According to our research, this might be the better option, as the odds of locating a four-leaf clover are long. Only one in every 10,000 of these plants are likely to produce the four-leafed variety.

Lucky Numbers

We all have numbers we think of as bringing us good fortune. However, societies have their own numbers too. In Chinese culture, the number 8 is said to be lucky. That could be why we’ve seen it used in multiple games based in China. You might spot eight paylines or prizes multiplied by 8x, 88x, or even 888x, for example.

In the Western part of the world, the number 7 is said to be luckier. This is used in some slot games in the same manner the number 8 is in Chinese-themed ones, so look out for it.


This is tougher to carry around with you, but many people have them hanging outside their homes. The idea is to nail a horseshoe up so that it makes a U shape. It is thought that it can then fill with good luck if any is around. We guess it wouldn’t hurt to hang one at your home if you believe in this. There’s no need to have one with you as you play your favorite games at Fair Go Casino though!

Do you have your own superstitions?

Most people have items they think bring them good fortune. It would make sense to use these things when playing your favorite pokies. You might also find there are slot games based on this very topic, bringing you Irish luck or general lucky charms as part of the theme. No prizes are ever guaranteed, but who knows if those games might prove to bring you the best outcomes of all?