Play Demo Slots

Covid19 has changed all our lives. It's impossible to think of anyone who hasn't been impacted in some way. Anyone who falls ill should self-isolate to make sure they don't give the virus to anyone else. Yet millions around the world are under lockdown to some extent, staying home as much as possible to ensure they stay safe.

So, even if you are well and able to work from home, you are still likely to be home far more than usual. That means you would likely be happy to try some games, even if you only play them occasionally. Demo slots at casinos like Fair Go are ideal to try.

Demo slots are just like the real thing

The only difference is the lack of real wagers in action. You get to play with demo credits instead, which come preloaded into the game. That means you can get the full game experience without risking any cash. Not all players like to make real bets, and if you're not keen on doing so, it's nice to know there are casinos out there like Fair Go that make it easy for you to just enjoy the process.

There are lots of demo slots to check out at Fair Go Casino

The instant play casino is chock full of great slot game action. Have you tried any of them yet? If not, you should - there are lots of varied themes, with some games far more complex to play than others. It doesn't mean they're difficult to understand - rather than some have the traditional three-reel one-armed bandit feel, while others are packed with levels, bonuses, free games, and more.

If you're considering playing for real, stick with the demos first

If you are keen on trying some real casino games, perhaps with some of the cash you would otherwise have spent going out for entertainment, we still recommend you get started with the demo games. Even though you can read a lot about the various games on offer, nothing beats trying them. You'll get a better idea of how they work and how various features and bonuses might be triggered.

It's then much easier to make sure you spend your budget (make sure you do have one you can afford to lose, in case you don't net any prizes) on games you know you're going to like.

Playing at Fair Go Casino is a great experience, especially since you can check out the demos without requiring an account. Try it today and see - we doubt you'll be disappointed. And it could help you pass the time when you need to most of all.