In recent years, people have always enjoyed playing pokies in different ways. For example, some people are keen on visiting bricks and mortar casinos. They might prefer being surrounded by other players and feeling the buzz in the air.

However, for others, that experience would be inconvenient. They might be miles from a casino for starters, or they could just be introverts who don’t get that buzz from mixing with others.

Covid19 has already changed the way some people play casino games such as pokies. With real casinos shuttered, the pandemic has undoubtedly driven many players to find an online alternative. While some real casinos have an online version to try, this might only be available to players in certain locations. It is often better to find casinos that are open to those across the country (or to those in multiple countries).

Could people who play online stick to that method?

There are likely to be players who have never had cause to play online pokies before. Once they get a chance to try them, they might never return to regular casinos. It’s easy enough to play demo pokies at several sites without opening an account to do so. However, some players might go on to open an account or to play real pokies if they’ve got a free account that allows them to try some games and look around first.

Some real casinos may never reopen

This is sad to think about, but the pandemic has shattered many businesses and jobs. There is no reason to think the casino industry might totally escape that. Could we see some casinos failing to reopen, or trying but failing to get back to normal once the lockdown is further relaxed? Only time is going to reveal the answer to this one.

Online pokies provide convenience

If you want to play the pokie machines in a real casino, you need to plan when to go, which casino to visit, and find the time to make that journey. However, playing pokies online is way more convenient. Five minutes here and there is possible – easy, in fact. Many people might have tried doing this for the first time, and they’re realizing how different and refreshing it can be.

How will you move on when you can finally go out again and everything has reopened? Did you visit real casinos before? If so, do you prefer playing at the online versions instead? Sites like Fair Go Casino are welcoming many new players, and with over 100 games to choose from, there’s always something to play to pass the time.