Pokie Game

Knowing the rules of every pokie game you play is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Most pokies work the same way – you must find enough matching icons on a line you have placed a bet on to receive a prize for that combination. That is the basic aim, but there are other things to know as well.

We aim to guide you through the process here, so you can work out how to play any pokie or slot game that appeals to you from now on.

Read the paytable first

This is always be the first thing you should do. The paytable is either presented next to the reels (if only three reels are in play) or can be accessed via an info button somewhere on the game screen.

The paytable’s job is to tell you all about the icons in the game. It should also make clear what their values are and whether any have special roles to play. You should also see screens telling you more about the bonuses and special features included in the game (if there are any).

Check the range of available coins

This isn’t relevant if you’re only looking to play a demo game. However, if you want to play a slot or pokie game with real coins, you need to make sure you choose one that has coins to fit your budget.

Many pokies start from a cent per line, so these are the ones to look at if you are keen on trying a cheaper game. Even if you have a bigger budget than some players, you might still want to keep it going for as long as you can.

Check how many paylines there are

Even with pokies that offer a penny coin to play with, you still need to think about how many lines there are to play on. Some games have only one line, while others have 10, 20, or even 50 of them. You need to see how much a spin would cost you, even while using that penny to place a bet on each one.

Don’t play until you understand the rules

This is the most important bit to remember, in our opinion. You need to be sure you know how the game works and what to expect before you play. Even if there are special features involved, there is no guarantee any of them will trigger as you play the game. The same applies with free games or on-reels bonuses that could be involved.

Start by trying the demo

This gives you a chance to experience the game without dipping into your funds to play it. You can see what you think of it and get a feel for how it might play out. Your demo experience doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive a similar experience regarding prizes when you play for real, of course. However, it does suggest how things work in that game, giving you a chance to see whether it might be a favorite of yours.