Second Screen Pokie Bonuses

If you’ve played a few pokies already, you’ll know you can never quite be sure what is coming next. Some are simple, offering only three reels and one line, keeping the bets low and the possibilities basic. However, others expand the reels to five and throw in lots of paylines or ways to collect prizes. These pokies also have great potential to add bonus features that take place on another screen.

This second screen bonus, as it is known, is popular with lots of players. There are several reasons for this, so we thought we’d delve into those reasons here.

They make a standard game more interesting

Even if a five-reel pokie has a good theme – maybe one on ancient Egypt, for example – it can still be dull if you play it for a while without a break. There is no chance of things being broken up by a change in play – something that could happen when one or more bonus features are included.

When you know there are bonuses that could be triggered, you play a game with more anticipation. That makes things way more interesting.

The bonus can be related to the theme of the game

This makes sense, right? If you play a game based in ancient Egypt, you might find yourself entering the Pyramids in the bonus feature. If the game is based on a zombie attack, you may find the bonus takes you to several locations that are being overrun with zombies.

Here's another example – in some pokies, the bonus is more in-depth. We’ve seen a golfing-themed slot that lets you play a round of golf, while another based on bowling had a bonus that allowed you to try and knock down all the pins. These bonuses last a while too, so they can be great to check out.

There is a good chance of collecting one or more prizes

It is unusual to leave a bonus feature without collecting at least one prize, even if it is a small one. You won’t pay anything to play the bonus, so you’ve got a good chance of finding some prizes there.

Some bonus features consist of more than one round too, so that’s another way they could last longer. And some games do have multiple bonuses, each triggered in a different way. We played a pirate-themed game once that included a drinking bonus and another one that saw you clash with a pirate in a battle with swords.

Are you a fan of second screen bonus pokies?

If so, you can expect to find lots of them at Fair Go Casino. These are more complex than your regular slots, but they provide a lot of entertainment. If you haven’t yet tried them, Fair Go provides you with a great opportunity to get started.