Favorite Pokies

You’ll soon realize you are spoiled at Fair Go Casino if you want to play pokies. We’ve got lots of them on offer, and every day there are players discovering some of those slots for the first time.

The first step to finding the pokies you would most like to try is to go through to the lobby. Once you are there, you’ll see a menu over to the left of the page. You don’t need to log in to see this – you don’t even need to be a member of Fair Go to have a look around. That’s good news because you can see how many pokies there are to play before you sign up.

Select the pokies and slots area

This is the best way to begin, because you can see the complete collection of games in there. An image appears with each title, so it’s easy to figure out whether there are any that catch your eye.

Choose your ideal reel quantity

You can choose from three, five, or six reels in this area. Three-reel games are the classic ones, but there are still some variations in there regarding jackpots, wild symbols, and the occasional bonus game.

Five-reel games offer more potential, so you can look at those if you like your slots to be a bit meatier.

Do you want to play a game that includes a progressive jackpot?

This is easy to do at Fair Go Casino because we provide the current jackpot amount underneath the title of a game if such a jackpot is included. Not all games have them, but even the games without a progressive jackpot are still going to have a top prize to look for.

Would you like to play a pokie with a bonus round included?

We’ve made this easy too, thanks to the bonus round option that appears above the complete slot collection. If you select that, you can see all the games that include one or more bonuses to be played.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you would trigger one of these bonuses if you played a game featuring one. However, you can move away from the standard reels to try a different portion of the game if you manage to unlock it. It sure does make things more interesting.

Look for an appealing theme

A quick glance at just some of the pokies at Fair Go Casino reveals a list of themes including these:

• Magical gardens • Norse mythology • Chinese gods • Racing cars • Slots based around famous stories like Aladdin

You can count on finding plenty more pokies at the casino, too. Using the methods that we have given you above, you’ll find it easier than ever to find the ideal pokies to suit your preferences. With more added to the casino regularly as well, things just keep getting better.