Super Diamond Mine Slots

The best of all gems - certainly, the most valuable - is the allotrope diamond. As an aside, it also happens to be the hardest natural material on the planet. ONly a few man-made materials can claim to be as hard or slightly harder - aggregated diamond nanorods, rhenium diboride, buckminsterfullerene and others in the ultrahard classification realm. Although interesting, none of this has that much to do with Real Time Gaming’s Super Diamond Mine Slots, which has 5 reels and 9 paylines. Granted, this is a bit on the small side, but the bonus games and symbol values more than make up for this.

If you’re playing for cash, then you can bet a paltry penny on each payline; or, as much as $5.00. Clearly, this huge range is meant to attract players of all bank account sizes. Even more in this vein, with a maximum of 5 coins per line, the tally can truly skyrocket if you want it to - in the game, on the highest end, collecting 5 Diamond Mine symbols at the same time can lead to a win of $6000 - and that’s on just a $1 bet per line. Obviously, these 5 symbols constitute the game’s jackpot. The graphics for this particular occurence are great; given the relatively simplistic appearance of the rest of Super Diamond Mine Slots. The diamond symbols cascade in the perpendicular direction as an animation, and influence the turning of the dynamite meter that slowly fills up as the game progresses and your symbol combinations pile up.

Th Super Diamond Mine Slots Bonus game is full of effects; it engages a countdown from 1 to 99, and when it hits the magic number of 99 upon filling up, the dwarf or gnome creature presiding over it will strike a match to light the fuse. The screen will blow up and the Bonus Game will appear after the debris settles. In this game, you’ll be presented with several entrances to different parts of the diamond mine; the one you choose will have a different prize waiting just inside. Keep on picking as the options are presented, When there are no more, the mine will explode, and whatever you’ve accumulated to that point will be placed into your account. What a way to collect your winnings!

As for the best way to get multiple combinations, there are several things to keep in mind. One, as you collect symbols, you can make ever more combos. The Diamond icons are the most valuable, and can show up with any of the other symbols to drive up the resulting payout. In addition to Diamonds, other symbols are Dynamite, Grey Ore, Green Bar, Ringing Bell Red Bar and Gold Bar icons.

For every spin of the reels, the Diamond icons that appear in conjunction with all of the other symbols will be counted and will cause the counter to increase - on its way to the maximum 99 before explosion. This activates the bonus game and all the good things this part of Super Diamond Mine Slots has to offer. An added dimension of this slot is the fact that the gnome/dwarf miner can be controlled by the player (at least a little bit). This makes it more like an Interactive i-Slot; pick among seven possible mines to rack up bonus credits along the way to the max jackpot.

To enjoy Super Diamond Mine Slots to the fullest, choose the way you want to play - as well as what you’re willing to risk to take complete advantage of the slot. Free play is available without download on the Flash option on the website; download in order to access the paid play.