Lucky Tiger Slots

Out of all the Big Cats, the mighty tiger is the largest. The lion might be King of the Jungle, but it is actually the tiger that would probably take the crown more times than not in a battle between the two. After all, it's really just a case of Big Cat vs. Bigger Cat when the tiger and the lion face off in captivity. Real Time Gaming has dedicated a video slot to this 5 reel, 88 payline Lucky Tiger Slots in honor of the Siberian, Bengal and Amur. To heighten the playability even more, there's also a triple serving of Free Spin Bonus Features that will keep the game going for some time if you chance upon this feature.

There's a retriggering option that kicks in after you've entered the favorable features, so keep an eye out for that. Lucky Tiger Slots seems to want to give you every reasonable chance to make it big with this; try the fun money option for a time, and then transition to the paid play for a chance at the potential cash payout. At a penny per reel, if you take the wise route (the one that increases your shot against the House probability), you play all the rounds at a minimum bet of $0.88. If you bump up the coin amount to the maximum allowed per payline, then the most you can bet per round is $88.00. If you play fewer paylines per round, then you can reduce your coin size as you see fit.

The symbols on the reels of Lucky Tiger Slots are Japanese-themed and great to look at. They all pay in a single direction when the right numbers and combinations appear; this is in the left to the right direction. The Scatter symbol, with which you will become familiar shortly, pays in all ways (that is, in either direction - left to right and right to left). Many of these symbols are difficult to get a name for; you can always check them in the game's pay table - although we'll give it a shot here.

The Golden Tiger symbol is the substitute (also known as Wild), and it replaces all other symbols (except the Scatter) to complete a winning payline for the player. It shows up as a grouped Wild on the 1st and the 5th reels, and five of a kind across the reels unlocks a prize of 5,888 coins; four of a kind of the Tiger symbols unlocks a prize of 888 coins, three of a kind reveals a prize of 88 coins and two of a kind unlocks a small cash prize of 8 coins. The Golden Gong is the irreplaceable Scatter icon, and any wins involving it are multiplied by your full betting amount for the round. Five Gongs gives you a 288 coin win as well as transports you to the game's feature, four Gongs gets you 18 coins and the feature entry, and three Gongs takes you straight away to the feature game.

As for the regular game symbols, the highest paying one is the Japanese Garden icon. Give of a kind gives you 2,888 coins, four of a kind gets you 888 coins, three of a kind gets you 88 coins and two of a kind gets you 8 coins. Next up we have both the Labyrinth and the Koi Fish symbols; five of a kind of each gets you 1,888 coins, four of a kind of either one gets you 288 coins, and three of a kind of each is worth 28 coins. The Lilypad Flower and the Red Tassel symbols are next down the ladder of value. If you get five of a kind of either of these on the reels at the same time, then the associated award is 888 coins, four of a kind is 188 coins and three of a kind is worth 18 coins. Lastly, for the high paying symbols in Lucky Tiger Slots, we've got the Fan and Ship symbols; five of a kind are worth 588 coins, four of a kind is good for 88 coins and three of a kind is good for 8 coins.

The lowest paying symbols, as always, are the card numbers from the Table Game Poker. King and Ace are tops in this low-paying realm; five of them equals 388 coins, four of them equals 28 coins and three of them guarantees an 8 coin payout. The Queen, Joker and 8 are last in line with a payout of 288 coins for five of a kind, 18 coins for four of a kind, and 8 coins for three of a kind on the reels. Hopefully this has been an adequate introduction to Lucky Tiger Slots; RTG has really outdone itself with this one; enjoy the Bonus Features, in particular. Download today.