Young Tiger Slots

Here's a popular Asian slot with 20 paylines and bets starting at a penny. Young Tiger slots features the revered tiger, but it's not as you would expect. While the tiger is a symbol of power and bravery, it's also associated with an expert fighter or general.

The Story of Young Tiger

In this case, Young Tiger also is a 1973 martial arts film starring Jackie Chan. It's also been released under the names Rumble in Hong Kong and Police Woman. In the movie, a cab driver, Chien Chen, picks up a woman who dies in his backseat. She'd been targeted by a ruthless gang led by Jackie Chan.

Before she dies and unbeknownst to him, she hid her purse in the cab. The gang that was after that woman now targets Chien Chen thinking he has that purse.

Later, Chen is approached by a woman claiming to be the woman's sister. She's a fake, but the real sister also comes into his life. Ho Wai Ma is a police detective who wants to solve her sister's murder. They team up to solve the crime.

The Slot Game

Young Tiger slots promises to be just as exciting. You know RTG slots are always packed with bonuses and huge payouts. This won't be any different. If you love Eagle Shadow Fist Slots, Fantasy Mission Force Slots, and Fire Dragon Slots, don't miss this game.