White Lotus Slots

Much like the Christmas holiday season is full of charm and regard in the Western Hemisphere, the Eastern Hemisphere has its own hallowed celebration day. In particular, the Year of the Tiger is held in high regard, and corresponds specifically to Valentine’s Day on February 14th. To this end, White Lotus Slots has 5 reels and 25 paylines over which to reaffirm your relationship with the Year of the Tiger if you’re Chinese, or during which to ply your beloved with gifts of a dinner, flowers and chocolate candies. The game has scatter symbols, a three-dimensional bonus feature that jumps out of the screen, a random jackpots, wild symbols and the ability to re-triggered free games – all on the way to a very lucky jackpot of 8888 gold coins in the White Lotus Bonus feature. Even that large prize notwithstanding, you can still win in many different ways because the possible combinations; all of the symbols pay from the left to right direction, and require five of a kind, four of a kind, three of a kind, and sometimes two of a kind for the higher paying ones in order to receive a generous payout.

Although you can play White Lotus Slots for free on a device of your choosing that has Internet connectivity, the only way to have access to the possibility winning cash and prizes is by downloading the casino software and making a deposit into your newly created account. Once you do this, you can wager between one penny per bet line or five dollars, which when playing all of the pay lines comes out to either $0.25 or $125. Although all of the symbols pay in a single direction, the Scattered White Lotus symbol pays any which way. If you want a laid-back experience, then just use the Autoplay function.

There are several very high paying symbols in this video slot; the first one is the Golden Lotus substitute symbol. For five of a kind on the reels, the payout is 1888 gold coins. Furthermore, it can substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter White Lotus in order to help the player complete a winning combination on the active pay lines. If you luck out and get four Golden Lotus icons on the screen at the same time, then your payout is a lucky 888 gold coins. For three Golden Lotus symbols you win 88 coins, and for two Golden Lotus icons you get a coins. In case you haven't noticed, this definitely a running theme involving the number eight – in Chinese culture, this happens to be the luckiest number possible. The more eights the better!

As for the resilient scatter symbol, the White Lotus multiplies any wins by the total bet as long is it is involved in you getting that win. Additionally, for five of a kind you win 500 gold coins, for four White Lotus symbols you get 30 coins, for three White Lotus symbols you win three coins, and for two such icons you get a single gold coin. If you land the minimum of three White Lotus icons, then you are rewarded with an instant some of eight free games with a multitude of multipliers tossed into the cauldron. You can get either a 3X, 4X, or 5X multiplier with your free games that are played at the bet with which you started that all game. To propel the special bonus offers even further, you've also got a pretty good chance of reach triggering the free spins that are already extending your game at no extra cost to you.

There are a handful of high paying symbols other than the aforementioned top special symbols. The first of these is a purple Chinese character; for five of a kind the award is 8880 coins, for four purple Chinese symbols you get 750 coins, for three purple Chinese characters symbols you win 75 coins, and for two of the symbols you get five coins. The next valuable symbol is the comfort lady; for five of a kind this useful character who finally did her part in the war get you 1250 coins, for four comfort ladies you win 500 coins, for three Chinese comfort ladies you get 50 coins, and for two comfort lady symbols you get three coins. The final set of high paying symbols includes and emerald lion statue, a blue-gold vase, and an elegant lantern. For five of a kind you get 800 coins, for four of a kind you win 200 coins, and for three of a kind of any of the symbols your prize is 20 coins.

Wrapping things up with the poker card symbols, we have the Ace and the King symbols. For five of a kind you win 300 coins, for four of a kind you get 100 coins, and for three of a kind you win 10 coins. Right after these we have the Queen and the Joker. For five of a kind you win 200 coins, for four of a kind you win 30 coins, and for three of a kind you and a handful of coins. The last symbols are the 10 and the 9; for five of a kind you get 100 coins, for four of a kind you win 25 coins, and for three of a kind the award is five coins.

Remember, although this game is readily available to be played for free, it is only in the download version that you have a shot at the progressive jackpots. They are random, and can arrive at the conclusion of any of the games you're playing, and are added to any wins you pick up with the right symbol combinations. Indeed, when you factor in the Golden Lotus Chinese Garden teacher, there's so much to winning this slot that were surprise anyone would play for free – but of course, there's no obligation and the choice is yours. Have fun!