Lucha Libre Slots

Lucha Libre Slots is from what's some have described is the king of online slot games – Real Time Gaming. More than most, the subject video slot of this article employs a dazzling theme that has an indelible linked to a very popular real life activity in entertainment wrestling. The graphics are indubitably top-notch, which does justice to the much talked about Mexican wrestling that ultimately gave birth to the American variant. You can almost feel play acrobatic bodies of a large wrestlers spinning around and executing also lose that will leave you gasping for air as you spin the reels for fun or for money – both options are available at this online casino.

You can't miss the telltale masks that the wrestlers use to add to their mystique while providing some cover for their true life identities. The name of the slot is of course the same name that's been given to this Mexican style of wrestling in order to do it justice. The first of the famous wrestlers is named Taco Malo, and the second of the famous wrestlers – his adversary obviously – is named Guacamolio. The wrestler Taco Malo wears a red mask in the wrestler Guacamolio wears a royal purple colored mask in order to help you tell them apart with all the action taking place with reckless abandon.

Although you'll be playing the Flash version of this game for free, it is still useful to know the symbol values in case you take the traditional route of playing a few free games and then switching over to the paid games in order to win a little something (potentially). With 5 reels and 25 pay lines, you can bet between $0.01 and $0.25 per line; with every single pay line activated then, the total amount per game is between $0.25 and $6.25 for every single spin you make. While playing the Flash mode, it's a good idea to play all 25 pay lines in order to gets the hang of the maximum amount of action in case you switch over to the real money game later. It's a fact that playing fewer pay lines limits the number of features that you have available.

As for the substitute symbols in Lucha Libre Slots, the red mask Taco Malo wrestler and the royal purple masked Guacamolio wrestler both function as group wild symbols that replace any other symbol (almost) in the game to help you complete a winning combination for the win. Of course, and the free mode, it's more accurate to say for the satisfaction of the win – but nonetheless, you take what you can get. Additionally, either wrestler doubles the value when he appears to replace the symbol for a win. There are also two Scatter symbols in Lucha Libre Slots: they are the Wrestling Ring, and the Fiery Mask. For the first Scatter symbol, five of a kind on the reels get you 200 coins in the real money version of the game. You win something good if you get either four of a kind or three of a kind. For the second Scatter fiery mask symbol you also win something if you get either five of a kind, four of a kind, three of a kind, or two of a kind. Any wins are multiplied by your total bet with either scatter icon.

The paying symbols are where the game really gets fun, so let's go through them all. Lucha Libre Slots literally has a triplet of high-value symbols that all pay the same amounts – it's almost as if the game wants to give away money!! The first group consists of the announcer symbol, the gold cup symbol, and the Lucha Libre Championship belt symbol; for five of a kind you win 1000 coins; for four of a kind of any of the three you win 250 coins; for three of a kind you win 50 coins, and for two of a kind you get five coins. The next high paying symbol is the poster advertising the fight between wrestler Taco Malo and wrestler Guacamolio; for five such posters you win 250 coins, for four of a kind you get 50 coins, and for three of a kind you win 25 coins.

There's also a – of the next highest paying symbols with a bottle of gold tequila and an old-fashioned television set; for five of a kind you win 200 coins, for four of a kind you get 30 coins, and for three of a kind you win 10 coins. The next batch of paying symbols includes three icons; starting with a delicious bowl of chips, portraits of famous wrestlers, and a bag of chips – for five of a kind of either one you get 125 coins, for four of a kind you win 25 coins, for three of a kind you get five coins. The last set of symbols is a super hot jalapeno pepper and a green bottle of elite Mexican alcohol; for five of a kind you win 100 coins, for four of a kind you get 20 coins, and for three of a kind you win five coins.

As potentially lucrative is all of the symbols are, you've also got a shot at landing in the Mask of Fiery Doom feature with the help of the scatter symbols and the free spins feature that results from the correct number scatters on the reels at the same time. For starters, if you can get a couple of wrestlers on the third real as well as the fiery mask symbol on the initial to reels, then you triggered this one and activate the potential rewards. There's a cool little game within a game that results; you have to choose a finishing move when you're presented with three of them. You can get up to 14 free spins using the multipliers that results. Play this ode to the original Mexican wrestling federation, Lucha Libre Slots, tonight.